The Wheels on the Bike go Round and Round.

You never forget how to ride a bike. Or do you?

The Fylde Coast in Lancashire is a very flat part of the country with many quiet country lanes and a coastal path making it ideal for cycling.

We bought bikes when we retired.

Now they say that you never forget how to ride a bike and I have no quibble with this at all.

What they don’t say is that you can forget what to do when you stop pedalling and grind to a halt.

I was fine when I was actually cycling along the lanes. But when I stopped, I forgot that I was on two wheels and not the usual four of the car. So I would stop pedalling, apply the brakes, keep my feet on the pedals and slowly keel over.

I didn’t fall off my bike. Oh no! The bike and were very much still joined together when we clattered sideways to the ground with my feet still firmly on the pedals.

When this had happened on three separate outings, I decided to sell my bike. I looked into stabilisers for the back wheel but apparently they only sell these for children.

Nowadays I just take photographs of other people who are smart enough to ride bicycles without falling over every time they stop.


wheels monochrome family bicycles Blackpool prom

Blackpool:Family on Wheels ©HelenBushe


Black&white challenge Prom:Lone Cyclist monochrome wheels

Cleveleys Prom: Lone Cyclist ©HelenBushe


Black&white challenge Prom: Cyclist in Silhouette wheels monochrome

Lytham Prom: Cyclist in Silhouette ©HelenBushe


Cleveleys Prom monochrome cyclist bicycle wheels

Cleveleys Prom: Thinking Time  ©HelenBushe


Here’s a bicycle I might not fall off:

Southport Prom: Hitchin' a Ride wheels monochrome Black&white challenge

Southport Prom: Hitchin’ a Ride ©HelenBushe


 Perhaps I should look on eBay for a tricycle.


Thanks Cee for your Black & White Challenge: WHEELS


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