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lake district, Derwentwater, Cumbria
Barcelona CFFC Vibrant colours Bowie

Vibrant Colours in Barcelona.

Pictures showing vibrant colours in Barcelona could fill a blog-post tens of thousands of pages long. Its certainly the most vibrant city I’ve ever visited. Each year I come back with around 1400 colourful photographs;  three trips = 3×1400 = 4200.  Quite a lot! And certainly plenty to keep me going over the dull grey Read more about Vibrant Colours in Barcelona.[…]

Lancaster Canal Lancashire walks

Let’s Colour Pop some RED!

RED!  RED!  RED! Red is probably my favourite colour in photography. Simply RED. RED sails in the sunset. RED, RED wine. Little RED Rooster Lady in RED……… …….and before we know it, it’ll be time for the  RED, RED Robin to come bob, bob, bobbin’ along.   When I saw that Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge Read more about Let’s Colour Pop some RED![…]

Gothic Monastery of Pedralbes Barcelona cell door Thursday doors
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