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The Bandstand in the Park

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Older than 50 Years

This bandstand in Stanley Park in our local seaside resort of Blackpool was built in 1929:


Bandstand in Stanley Park Blackpool Fylde coast Lancashire
Bandstand in Stanley Park ©HelenBushe


At the edge of the lake is a “classic temple” style bandstand, surrounded by amphitheatre style seating. This was specifically located to utilise the acoustics of sound travelling across the lake.The bandstand was designed by Thomas Mawson and was opened on 1 July 1929. It features an Entablature and has a copper roof.The nearby steps are intended to seat an audience of 2,500 people. – wikipedia



Hitchin’ a Ride

Hitchin’ a Ride (or Bummin’ a Ride in this case) is my post this week for WordPress Photo Challenge: Cherry on Top 

This statue marks the start of the TransPennine Cycling Trail in Southport. It is mounted high on a pole on the seafront so it is, in its own right, a “cherry on top”.

Thanks to the seagull we have a double portion of “cherries on top”.

Hitchin' a Ride Statue cyclist boy Southport
Hitchin’ a Ride ©HelenBushe 

The flat and scenic route alongside the beach is very popular with cyclists, and is the start of the Trans Pennine Trail, a cycle route running across the north of the country to Selby in North Yorkshire, through Hull and on to Hornsea on the east coast.

In June 2008, Cycling England announced Southport as one of the 11 new cycling towns. These 11 towns shared £47 million from the government to be spent solely on cycling schemes in the towns.[80] Southport’s Cycling Towns programme aims to encourage tourism and leisure cycling, create regeneration opportunities and significantly increase cycling to school.[81] There are now many cycle lanes in Southport and more are planned, to encourage cycling in the town. – Wikipedia


Here is a more earnest view of the cyclist:

Boy Racer statue Southport
Boy Racer ©HelenBushe

Flowers in the Rain (The Move 1968)

When I saw this WordPress Photo Challenge : Details, my train of thought was something like this

Details – Macro – Do it NOW and DON’T Resort to Looking in the Archives – Flowers – Garden – Raindrops – Flowers in the Rain (the song by 60’s group THE MOVE) – YouTube – Rain has Stopped – Go Outside with Camera.

I do enjoy giving free rein to my train of thought and seeing where it will take me.  This time it took me out into the garden as soon as the rain had stopped. Before posting my photographs, I’m going to listen to The Move singing Flowers in the Rain. I’ve added the YouTube link at the end of this post.

(For younger readers The Kaiser Chiefs brought out their version of the song in 2007.)


Clematis Centre garden flower detail macro
Clematis Centre ©HelenBushe


Raindrops ©HelenBushe


Rosebud macro detail garden flower
Rosebud ©HelenBushe


Pink Rose in Garden macro detail
Pink Rose in Garden ©HelenBushe


Wordless Wednesday: iPhoneography at Haslam Park

Wordless Wednesday: iPhoneography at Haslam Park

Haslam Park
Lancaster Canal at Haslam Park (iPhoneography) ©HelenBushe

Caution Ahead: Bees at Work

Caution Ahead: Bees at Work and other signs I’ve seen in the past few weeks when I’ve been out and about locally.

What a stroke of luck that this week’s CFFC is Signs.

Thank you Cee for this week’s Fun Foto Challenge which has revealed to me that I have a penchant for taking signs. In fact I probably have so many in the archives I think I’ll have to do a second post: “Signs 2″…or “The Return of Signs”…or “Signs Strike Back”…..or many more of the silly titles that have come into my head.


Bees at Work Swarthmoor Hall Cumbria
Bees at Work ©HelenBushe


Pleasure Beach sign Blackpool
Pleasure Beach ©HelenBushe


Bicycle Shop Sign Hebden Bridge canal Yorkshire
Bicycle Shop Sign ©Helenbushe


Vacant StAnnes Beach Huts
Vacant ©HelenBushe


Cow and Calf Ilkley Moor Yorkshire
Cow and Calf ©HelenBushe

iPhoneography: Windows in Sunlight

iPhoneography: Windows in Sunlight

It’s Monday Windows time again.

I took these two pictures last week with my iPhone whilst walking around Salts Mill in the Yorkshire village of Saltaire.

There were thin blinds at all the windows to protect the artworks from sunlight. I liked the way the sun brought out patterns on the fabric with the moiré accentuated  by the cameraphone.

(There’s more iPhoneography from Saltaire village here )


Green Vase in Sunlight Salts Mill Saltaire UNESCO
Green Vase in Sunlight ©HelenBushe


Sunlight ©HelenBushe



Monday Window Home

Solar-Powered Owl

Solar-Powered Owl

This little chappie sits on the back wall of our garden, all the time thinking he is actually a hollowed out pumpkin and every night is Hallowe’en.

He is quietly pleased in an owlish sort of way to feature in my post for this week’s  OddBall Challenge.

I like things that make me laugh. I hope you do too.


Solar powered owl garden light
Solar-Powered Owl ©HelenBushe




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