It’s Easy to be Green when you’re a Forest God

It’s relatively easy to be green when you’re a Forest God:


Forest God street photography green
Forest God ©HelenBushe


It’s a bit easier when you’re a Shield Bug:

Shield Bug insect green
Shield Bug ©HelenBushe


But when you’re a Grasshopper, it’s so easy that you never need to give it a second thought:

Grasshopper insect green macro
Grasshopper ©HelenBushe


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Atop: Narrowboats with Things on Top

“Hebden Bridge: The Fourth Funkiest Town in the World”,

was the description of this West Yorkshire market town in an edition of a British Airways in-flight magazine.

Houseboat canal narrowboat Hebden Bridge atop
Houseboat ©HelenBushe

If there are three places funkier than Hebden Bridge, then I’d love to see them. (Apparently they are: Daylesford in Australia,  Tiradentes in Brazil and Burlington in Vermont).

On one of our visits there last year, we’d hoped to take really striking photographs;  we’d imagined reflections on the canal of brightly coloured narrowboats, framed by blue sky and and all that.  A veritable photographer’s paradise.

However, it was raining, the water in the Rochdale Canal was greenish grey and the sky even greyer. None of this was at all unexpected or out of the ordinary as we are talking about a west-facing town high in the Pennine Hills in the North of England.

After a wander around the trendy shops and a lunch stop, the rain had lessened enough for a walk along the towpath.

I became fascinated with all the different things that people put on top of their narrowboats, never thinking that these photographs would ever appear in a post.


Everything from Bambi to a Bicycle:

Bambi on Board narrowboat canal houseboat Hebden Bridge atop
Bambi on Board ©HelenBushe


Bike on board narrowboat canal Hebden Bridge
Bike on board ©HelenBushe 

From a Gro-Bag and a Duck to a Couple of Deckchairs and a Buddha:

Grow bag canal Hebden Bridge narrowboat houseboat atop
Roof Garden ©HelenBushe


deckchairs canal houseboat narrowboat Canal Hebden Bridge
Roof Terrace ©HelenBushe


As well as Pot-Plants and Firewood:

Plants garden front boat narrowboat houseboat canal Hebden bridge
The Front Garden ©HelenBushe


Logs atop narrowboat Canal Hebden Bridge
The Log Store ©HelenBushe

It’s snowing in the Pennine Hills today so Hebden Bridge will no doubt be shrouded in such low cloud that it disappears. Hopefully the ducks will have found a sheltered spot for themselves. 

As soon as the weather perks up and realises that IT IS SPRINGTIME, we’ll have another day in Hebden Bridge. It’s less than an hour’s drive away.

Perhaps I’ll get the pictures I was hoping for last year…..

…….or perhaps I’ll just enjoy looking for quirky things and leave the classic calendar-type scenes to the professionals.



Armchair Trolleys and Dr Death (more Barca OddBalls)

More Oddballs found in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter,

for Cee’s OddBall Challenge this week 

Some things are indescribable. Words just don’t do them justice and you have to see them for yourself. 

I think these supermarket trolleys come into that category:

Supermarket Trolleys barcelona oddball seats
Armchair Trolleys ©Helen Bushe


And how about Dr Death’s welcoming smile at the pharmacy door:

Dr Death Barcelona skeleton oddball Apothecary
Physician, Heal Thyself ©HelenBushe





…and F is for Filleting Fish very Fast

E is for Evening Meal…….

Evening meal low key Barcelona al fresco Gothic Quarter dinner
Evening Meal ©HelenBushe


…….and F is for Filleting Fish very Fast as these stallholders were doing at LaBoqueria Market:

Fish Filleting LaBoqueria Barcelona fish market low key
 Fast Fish-Filleting ©HelenBushe


fish market LaBoqueria stall Barcelona monochrome Black & White
Keeping an Eye on the (Fish)Scales ©HelenBushe


All Low-Key Street Photography images from my archives for this week’s Black&White Challenge: Letters E and F

Perhaps next week’s will be brighter.Or perhaps not.


This is a fun challenge to do and there were as many interpretations are there are bloggers in the universe.

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The Witch is Escaping from her Grave! Quick, get a Boulder!

The Witch's Grave Woodplumpton Fylde hag 1705 lancashire
The Witch’s Grave ©HelenBushe

“The Witch is Escaping from her Grave! Quick, get a Boulder!”

Now, whilst these might not be the exact words spoken on that fateful day in 1705 when Meg Shelton, the Fylde Witch, escaped from her grave for the SECOND time, someone must have said something like it.

Meg Shelton, aka the Fylde Hag, aka the Woodplumpton Witch died in 1705 when she was crushed between  barrel and a wall. She was buried in the churchyard of St Anne’s Church in the Lancashire village of Woodplumpton.

As Meg was renowned for having the ability to change shape at will, escaping from a grave might not have been too taxing a problem for her. Perhaps she changed into a worm and wriggled out?

She was duly reburied and…..yes…….our Meg escaped again.

The solution for her THIRD burial was to dig a deep and very narrow shaft, put her in it headfirst and seal it off with a large boulder. The worthy villagers reckoned that if she started digging when she was headfirst in her grave, then she’d go deeper and deeper.

Meg’s grave is Close to the church.

(I didn’t know that witches were buried in churchyards, but hey! what do I know? I’m just beginning my research. I certainly live in the right county as Lancashire is famous for its witches.)


Meg's Shelton's Boulder witch Fylde Hag Woodplumpton Lancashire village churchyard
Meg’s Shelton’s Boulder ©HelenBushe


Visitors to the churchyard often leave flowers on her grave:

Meg's Boulder Fylde Hag Witch Woodplumpton churchyard grave Meg Shelton 1705
Meg’s Flowers ©HelenBushe

I’d like to take some flowers next time I visit as I feel very sorry for this poor woman who probably just said the wrong thing to the wrong person……..unless of course she really WAS a witch.

There are many stories about her:

She transformed a jug into a goose to steal milk.

She frequently crossed the sky on a broomstick.

She was buried by moonlight .

An exorcism was performed by the local priest over her grave.

She had a strange relationship with the local landowner Lord Cottam who let her live rent free for life in cottage (Cuckoo Cottage) on his estate . Blackmail? Black Arts? Surrogate motherhood as his wife was infertile? All these explanations have been suggested.

Oh, and she made a lot of cattle lame.

For more stories about Meg the this website is well worth visiting:

The Fylde and Wyre Antiquarian: The Good Witch Guide


And if you want to read actual(!) eyewitness  accounts of Her Spooky Spookiness from present day visitors to her grave, visit this BBC website. 

BBC – Lancashire – Spooky – The Woodplumpton Witch


Coincidentally, or perhaps not, there is a set of stocks outside the church. It wasn’t a good idea to misbehave in Woodplumpton ..then…or now.

I do hope that miscreants weren’t fastened into the footholes to be pelted by good folk on their way to church!

The stone steps behind are called a “mounting stone” – nothing to do with the stocks, which was my original deduction.

The steps are for those coming to church on horseback to mount and dismount in an elegant way.

Fylde Woodplumpton village church witch stocks St Annes 18th century
Woodplumpton’s Stocks ©HelenBushe


This cottage is right next door to the churchyard. I see by the date 1702 that it was built when Meg was still living.

Early 18th Century Cottage village Woodplumpton Lancashire village witch
Early 18th Century Cottage ©HelenBushe


One of my blogging friends Leah at wanted more information on our Fylde hag.

Why not pop over to her blog and see where she is now on her worldwide travels. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this Leah! Hope everyone has. I enjoyed writing it anyway.

For my previous post on Woodplumpton Churchyard please click here

Spring Flowers Woodplumpton Lancashire
Spring Flowers in St Anne’s Churchyard ©Helenbushe

Designer Shoes in Profile: Fantasy versus Reality

Designer Shoes: the Fantasy 

Yellow Laces designer shoes multicoloured
Yellow Laces ©HelenBushe

I saw all these shoes in a marvellous independent shop in the  trendy Yorkshire town of Hebden Bridge. 

Oh, to be a Bright Young Thing and have small, pointy feet!

Blue Suede Shoes designer
Blue Suede Shoes ©HelenBushe


Red Suede Shoes designer
Red Suede Shoes ©HelenBushe


designer shoes monochrome
Shoes with Bubbles on©HelenBushe

My Shoes: the Reality:

So inspired was I by all these colourful designer shoes on my screen, I thought I’d show you what the well dressed blogger is wearing this morning on her feet.

(Well, it is a cold wet, wintery day and my house clogs are so very comfortable)

My House Clog shoes Fitflop
Comfort Prevails ©HelenBushe


Thanks to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: View from the Side for giving me the idea for this post. 

Springtime Came Yesterday and Left Again Today

Yesterday was Springtime.

I know this because a butterfly told me.

It was the first butterfly we’ve seen in the garden this year. 

The battered condition of this Small Tortoiseshell is a testament to its having survived the winter. 

I suspect that today it has gone back into whatever warm place it likes to call home.

Small Tortoiseshell butterfly garden 2017 Lancashire
First Butterfly of 2017 ©HelenBushe



 We went into Preston for lunch and, as it was such a nice day, we parked down by the river and walked up through Miller and Avenham Parks into town.

Avenham and Miller Park Preston
Spot the Poppy ©HelenBushe


Japanese Gardens Preston Avenham Miller park springtime spring
Japanese Gardens ©HelenBushe


Springtime spring Avenham Miller park Preston
Pink Blossom ©HelenBushe


Warm enough to sit in the sun:

 But not warm enough for me to discard winter woollens just yet.

(Current weather here right now is: wind, heavy rain, chilly, i.e. WINTER)

I know that a lot of us bloggers in the northern hemisphere are awaiting springtime. 

The one who instantly comes to mind is Liz at  Dot Knows!   Why not pay her a visit at

Her blog promises:

Fab photos, witty asides and light hearted humour….

 If you enjoy wildlife, blue skies and general joie de vivre, you won’t be disappointed.


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