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Lytham Promenade

Promenade: a path for walking on, especially one built next to the sea – Cambridge English Dictionary

CFFC: Walks Indoor and Outdoor

It rained heavily throughout the day yesterday until early evening. As soon as the rain stopped we went for a walk along the prom at Lytham. We rushed out with such eagerness desperation to get outside and into the sunshine that there was no time even to grab camera, so these were taken on iPhone.

Lytham Prom 29th June '16
Lytham Prom (1) 29th June ’16 ©HelenBushe


Lytham Prom (2) 29th June 2016
Lytham Prom (2) 29th June 2016 ©HelenBushe



Venetian Door

My photograph this week for Thursday Doors was taken in 2005, many digital cameras ago. On my trip to Venice that year I had a Sony digital camera which took a Memory Stick with a capacity of, I think, 64Mb (and that was near the top of the range !).

It was interesting to look at the original JPEG and see how it could be tweaked with modern editing. In 2005 I didn’t know there was such a thing as photo editing programmes outside of the freebie which came with Windows.

I can’t say anything about this door, apart from that it is in Venice, as it was so long ago. But I reckon  it speaks for itself.


Venetian Door
Venetian Door ©HelenBushe



Mr and Mrs Tinny and their Friends

Here is my offering for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge: Partners . I hope you like it.

We saw these happy couples on a visit one Sunday afternoon to a local glassblower’s studio and showroom.

They were in a field behind the workshop…….partying.


Every Picture Tells a Story Tin man and partner
Every Picture Tells a Story ©HelenBushe


Lazin' on a Sunday Afternoon tin man and partner
Lazin’ on a Sunday Afternoon ©HelenBushe


Macro Moments: Week 1

A big thank you to Susan at Musin’ with Susan for her Macro Moments Challenge:Week 1 

For my first post for this challenge I’ve chosen a shot of a Common Blue butterfly taking nectar from a Birdsfoot Trefoil flower. I hope to spend a lot of time again this summer lying down watching these tiny creatures feeding and basking in the sunshine (that’s the butterflies I mean, though I don’t mind the odd bit of feeding and basking too).

I always say that life isn’t so bad when you can spend hours eyeballing butterflies.

I hope you like this image:

Common Blue macro butterfly birdsfoot trefoil
Common Blue on Birdsfoot Trefoil ©HelenBushe


Exif data:

Canon 7D

EF 100mm f2.8L Macro IS USM

f 5.0


(Pinpoint focus on the eye)







Honister Cottage 1628

Honister Cottage 1628

We were in the village of Seatoller in the Lake District a couple of weeks ago and were captivated by this cottage dating back to 1628.

Is the door the original one?  I don’t know. Probably not, though by normal standards it’s pretty old. I must see if I can find out any more about this cottage when we go back to the village next month.

We met a group of walkers in the village who were doing the Coast-to-Coast Walk. One of them said, “I think I’ve just found the most beautiful village in the world.”

I think I would have to agree with him on that.

I hope you like my post for this week’s Thursday Doors.


Honister Cottage Door Borrowdale Seatoller lake District
Honister Cottage Door ©HelenBushe


Honister Cottage 1628 Lake District Borrowdale Seaitoller
Honister Cottage 1628 ©HelenBushe


Honister Cottage
Honister Cottage ©HelenBushe

Monochrome: Flowers

Monochrome : Flowers.

Here is my post this week for Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Flowers

The images selected themselves really as they are the only four which came up when I searched my archives for “Flower”, Monochrome”, “Black & White”

I hope you like them.

Single Flower monochrome B&W
Single Flower ©HelenBushe


flower monochrome B&W
Out Of the Mist ©HelenBushe


A Rose at the Window monochrome B&W macro
A Rose at the Window ©HelenBushe


After the Rain flower monochrome macro B&W
After the Rain ©HelenBushe



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