Sagrada Familia: Colours of Light

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is to post images showing Big and Small.

I’ve seldom felt as small as when I visited Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia. It is the biggest building I’ve ever been inside and what an experience it was.

I was in Wonderland, The Hall of the Mountain King, The Greatest Wonder of the Modern World.  I was in the basilica that the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi designed for his city and which has been under construction since 1883. Rumour has it that it may be finished in the mid-2020’s.

Whilst my tourist snapshots don’t do it justice at all, they do serve to remind me of its beauty and its grandeur. It is quite simply breath-taking.

(If you want to see some professional pictures of it they are here on the Sagrada Familia Website. Or better still book yourself a trip to Barcelona and enjoy it all first hand. Travel Tip: skip breakfast, get there early and have a pre-booked timed-entry ticket. Once you’re inside you can stay as long as you like).

By getting there early and being in no hurry to leave, we were able to follow the light as the sun shone at different angles, highlighting different colours. The reflected light on the pillars (and on the visitors) was constantly changing. And as people moved from one spot to another they changed from being bathed in red light, to yellow, to green, to blue.

Oh, I can’t wait to go back………


Stained Glass window Sagrada Familia Barcelona Gaudi

Stained Glass ©HelenBushe


Colours of Light Sagrada Familia Barcelona cathedral Gaudi
Colours of Light ©HelenBushe


Stained glass Sagrada Familia Barcelona windows
RGB windows ©HelenBushe    



Public Transport: Black & White Challenge

Two very different examples of local public transport for this week’s Black & White Challenge.

The first shows the Ferry across the River Wyre which carries pedestrians and cyclists between  Knott End and Fleetwood. Its timetable is determined by the tide times and, for all that it is well used by locals and day-trippers, it is frequently under threat of closure.

Knott End Ferry Fleetwood Wyre Lancashire transport public
Knott End Ferry ©HelenBushe


The second picture shows Preston’s iconic bus station.  It was built in the late 60’s in the Brutalist style of architecture.

It has been described by the Twentieth Century Society as “one of the most significant Brutalist buildings in the UK”. wiki

There have been plans to have it demolished and campaigns to Save our Bus Station.

It is definitely here to stay now that English Heritage has granted it the status of a Grade ll Listed Building.

You can love it or hate it but everyone has an opinion about it. So what do YOU think?…

Brutalist Preston Bus Station architecture public transport
Preston Bus Station ©HelenBushe

I certainly like it more now than I did when I first saw it.


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Miró, Miró on the Roof

I was planning a post with the title “Miró, Miró on the Wall”  to show some of the fabulous tapestries and wall-hangings we saw at the  Fundació Joan Miró  last year in Barcelona.

But since this is an  OddBall post, I’ve chosen these instead.

After a good look around the spacious museum/gallery we went up on the roof where we found these delights.

I think my favourite is the lady with red legs and a tap on her head.

Because of her headgear and her pose, I like to call her The Tap-Dancer.  Her “official” name is Jeune Fille s’Évadant which translates as Girl Escaping .

(I dont suppose Tap-dancer would be a pun in translation)


Tap-Dancer Miro Foundation, barcelona
Tap-Dancer ©HelenBushe


Anyone have any ideas for a name for this one ?……….

OddBall on the Roof Miro Barcelona
OddBall on the Roof ©HelenBushe


or for these ?………

Yellow Fork Miro Fundación Barcelona
Yellow Fork ©HelenBushe



Black Stool, Red Stool Miro Foundation Barcelona
Black Stool, Red Stool ©HelenBushe       

If we go back there again on our next trip to Barcelona I must find out all their proper names.

***STOP PRESS*** Thank you Charles at for a name for the second picture. Charles suggests Clown with a Heart. I like it!

Charles has some great posts on his blog.  Click here to visit.



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Tuesday Photo Challenge: Fire

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Fire

Catching up on posts from blogging buddies around the world this afternoon, I came across an excellent image of “FIRE” on Charles Waugh’s Blog.

This led me to the Tuesday Photo Challenge, which in turn led me to another worthy blog, Dutch Goes the Photo.

This led me to…… and so on…..and so on…..

But before I zoom around the blogging universe, here’s a photo I took last week whilst mesmerised by our log-burner.


Fire log-burner, home,
Home Comforts: Fire ©HelenBushe


Dark and Light at Jenny Brown’s Point

I took these pictures on a coastal walk last week. A forty-minute drive up the motorway takes us to the Silverdale area at the extreme North-West of Lancashire. It’s an unspoilt peninsula, mostly by-passed by the hordes of tourists who head a bit further up the road into Cumbria’s beautiful Lake District.

We went for a short walk from the village of Silverdale, starting at Jack Scout and following the cliff-top path to Jenny Brown’s Point.

These shots show the winter sun on Morecambe Bay at low tide and are my post for this week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Dark and Light:


Low Tide at Jenny Brown's Point Morecambe Bay mudflats
Low Tide at Jenny Brown’s Point©HelenBushe


CoastalLancashire,Windswept, Morecambe Bay, "Jenny Brown's Point"
Windswept ©HelenBushe


Winter Sun, Jenny Brown's Point, Morecambe Bay, coastal, Lancashire
Winter Sun ©HelenBushe




A Walk along our Local Canal Towpath

Yesterday we took a walk along the towpath of our local canal. As this stretch of the canal is only a couple of miles away from home, it’s a walk we do many times throughout the year. There is always plenty to see, whatever the season. Although it was sunny yesterday, the canal was still iced over with ducks skating around on it.

I’ve selected these pictures from yesterday’s walk for Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge.

So, if you’d like to come for a walk along a short stretch of the Lancaster canal…….

………follow these directions.

You can’t get lost – IT”S A TOWPATH !!!


  1. Squeeze through a narrow gap in the wall and down the steps onto the towpath and turn left (as it’s too muddy the other way today):
Steps at the Start canal Lancaster towpath
Steps at the Start ©HelenBushe


2. Enjoy the reflections under the first bridge at Bumbles Boatyard:

Under the Bridge lancaster canal
Under the Bridge ©HelenBushe


3. Have a look at the boats for sale:

boats for sale
Boats for Sale ©HelenBushe


4.  Walk on to one of my favourite photo-spots and admire this narrowboat:

Waterwheels  ©HelenBushe


5. Notice this sign to the “Smallest Corner Shop in Lancashire” and make a mental note to visit  it sometime:

To the Running Pump
To the Running Pump ©HelenBushe


6. After half an hour, we’ll get to the “house with the flag”. Closer inspection shows that they’ve changed their usual nautical flag for one with a picture of Santa and the words “Merry Christmas”. I didn’t know you could get flags like that.

For a short walk, this is a good place to do an about turn:

Santa's Flag
Santa’s Flag ©HelenBushe


7. But as it’s such a nice day (and there’s a bit of Christmas weight to walk off) we’ll go on a wee bit further. And then we’ll turn back:

Moorings ©HelenBushe


8. Loads to see on the way back too, but walking into the low winter sun so no photographs.

We’re nearly back now. I hope you’ve enjoyed the walk!

Catforth Sign
Catforth Sign ©HelenBushe


9. We’ve just to say  au revoir to the ducks and tell them that we might see them again on New Year’s Day.

They’re  thrilled by this news …..or not……it’s hard to tell with ducks:


Ducks on Ice Lancaster Canal
Ducks on Ice ©HelenBushe

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…..and the lens today is 18mm…

I’ve been thinking recently that I’ve been relying too much on my iPhone both for taking pictures and for editing them. It’s all too easy! But I don’t want to forget how to use a “grown-up” camera and Photoshop.

So today I put 18mm lens on my Fuji xPro-1 and took that with me on this morning’s walk along our village lanes.

The Lane
The Lane ©HelenBushe


Our Parish Church , St John the Evangelist,
Our Parish Church ©HelenBushe


I’m now sitting  with my laptop at the kitchen table and feeling so glad that when we built the extension we had a log-burner installed.

fire Home Comforts LogBurner
Home Comforts 1 ©HelenBushe

Cosy? Yes! Very!

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