Local: Our Village Landmarks

I had no problems coming up with pictures  for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge: Local.

All I needed to do was make sure I had my iPhone with me yesterday when I walked along  to the post office to post a letter.

Here are a few shots from my short stroll.


We have one shop in our little village. Whilst it doesn’t look very big from the outside, it’s like Doctor Who’s Tardis inside. Or Aladdin’s Cave. There’s not much they don’t stock:

The Smithy Post Office local village
The Smithy Post Office ©HelenBushe


Our local pub used to be a windmill. Not that you couldn’t have worked that out for yourselves:

Our Village Pub local Windmill tavern
The Windmill Tavern ©HelenBushe


We have a church which serves three villages:

St John the Evangelist local church village
St John the Evangelist ©HelenBushe


Lots of walls are made from Lancashire Brick which was famous in its heyday:

Secret Garden Gate village local
Secret Garden Gate ©HelenBushe


If anyone reading this post would like to live here, this house across the road from the Post Office is for sale:

Cottage for Sale local village
Cottage for Sale ©HelenBushe


As someone who was born in Glasgow and lived most of my life in the former industrial belt of Central Scotland, I am charmed by village life.

The milk still comes in bottles and is delivered every morning by a milkman, which is something I never thought I’d see again.

Local canal towpaths are there for walking and nature watching. I have become much more aware of the changing seasons since moving here. Like hearing flocks of migrating geese …. Honk Honk Honk…… or seeing the first lambs in early spring…..Gambol Gambol Baaaaa………

And whenever we tire of all this rural beauty, the motorway is only 10 minutes away, and the nearby train station means that Manchester, Liverpool, and even London are all within striking distance for a day trip (and of course and best of all…..Glasgow!)

Aye, you can take the girl out of the city but you can’t take the city out of the girl!


Vibrant Colours for Every Season

Vibrant colours can be found throughout the year.

My first picture was taken in Spring on a local beach:

Yoghurt Pots in a Rowing Boat Lytham
Yoghurt Pots in a Rowing Boat ©HelenBushe


I took my second picture on a summer holiday in Suffolk a few years ago:

A Beach-Hut Window vibrant colour
A Shuttered Beach-Hut Window ©HelenBushe


My third picture shows the wonderful colours of autumn just beginning to show themselves now:

Colours of Autumn
Colours of Autumn ©HelenBushe


And as sure as winter follows autumn, it has its own delights although vibrant colours aren’t so easy to capture.

I loved these colours when I looked up at the sky at dusk in Glasgow city centre in mid- December.

Forever 21 Glasgow Skyline vibrant color
Forever 21 ©HelenBushe


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My post for Cee’s B&W Challenge this week: Rocks

This first picture was taken on holiday in the Scottish Highlands a few years ago.


Highland Cairn B&W Scotland
Highland Cairn ©HelenBushe

My second picture shows the deserted promenade of a local seaside resort last winter.

Pebbles on the Promenade Blackpool
Pebbles on the Promenade ©HelenBushe

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Walking in the Borrowdale Valley

We had good weather again this week for our penultimate trip for this year to the Borrowdale Valley in the Lake District . Whilst there’s not much blue sky in evidence on these pictures, the sun was shining much of the time. Fast-moving clouds provided an ever-changing sky with patches of blue never very far away.

Colours of autumn are just beginning to show in the bracken. We’ll probably see a difference next week……it’ll be colder, that’s for sure.

All these images were taken at the start of a walk up to Styhead Ghyll.


Please Close the Gate Borrowdale Cumbria Lake District
Please Close the Gate ©HelenBushe


Between a Rock and a Tree Borrowdale valley
Between a Rock and a Tree ©HelenBushe


Looking Back
Looking Back ©HelenBushe


A Wee Bridge
A Wee Bridge ©HelenBushe


Into the Hills Borrowdale valley lake District
Into the Hills ©HelenBushe


A Dry-Stone Wall
A Dry-Stone Wall ©HelenBushe


Thank’s again to Cee for her Which Way photo Challenge. 

After Dark in Barca

Strolling around Barcelona on warm September evenings seems a whole world away from chilly October back home in North-West England.

I’ve just checked out current temperatures and right now whilst it’s 19 degrees in Barca, it’s 10 degrees here  Brrrr….  Not that I don’t enjoy our autumn weather, I just would like it to begin a little later.

I’ve enjoyed looking at these pictures tonight so thought I’d put them together in a post. That way I can easily access them the next time I feel the need to remind myself that it isn’t always cold and wet everywhere.

All these photos were taken on our last evening in Barcelona.


After Dark
After Dark ©HelenBushe


Al Fresco
Al Fresco Supper ©HelenBushe


Strolling ©HelenBushe


Vegetalia ©HelenBushe


Street in Gothic Quarter
Street in Gothic Quarter ©HelenBushe


Lost reindeer Barcelona
Looking for Santa ©HelenBushe


Palau de la Generalitat de Catalunya
Palau de la Generalitat de Catalunya ©HelenBushe


Veggie Eaterie Vegetalia
Veggie Eaterie ©HelenBushe

Like a Duck to Water

Like a Duck (or a Gull) to Water is a phrase which seems to fit the bill (beak?) for this week’s WordPress Challenge: H2o 


Diving into Reflection
Diving into Reflection ©HelenBushe


Goosander Skimming
Goosander Skimming ©HelenBushe


Black-Headed Gull
Black-Headed Gull ©HelenBushe

Behind Closed Doors

The Closed Doors of the Confessionals in Barcelona’s Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia.

This Gothic cathedral was constructed between the 13th and 15th centuries, with most of the work done in the 14th century.


Confessional 1 Barcelona Cathedral
Confessional 1 ©HelenBushe


Confessional 2 Barcelona Cathedral
Confessional 2 ©HelenBushe

The cathedral is dedicated to Eulalia of Barcelona, co-patron saint of Barcelona, a young virgin who, according to Catholic tradition, suffered martyrdom during Roman times in the city. One story says that she was exposed naked in the public square and a miraculous snowfall in mid-spring covered her nudity. The enraged Romans put her into a barrel with knives stuck into it and rolled it down a street (according to tradition, the one now called Baixada de Santa Eulàlia). The body of Saint Eulalia is entombed in the cathedral’s crypt.- Wikipedia

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