Walking on Broken Glass

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Walking on Broken Glass

This glass-covered hiking boot attracted my attention at a craft fair a couple of years ago. It is the trademark of a talented glass-engraver called Alexis Valentine.

When I got talking to him he told me that he had worked in a lab as a dental technician for 32 years making crowns and bridgework. I’ll bet he could have made some fancy gnashers!


 walking-broken-glass art hiking boot

Walking on Broken Glass ©HelenBushe


Using his “Skill with a Drill”, all his creations are quite unique. This one has the fox’s head on the far-side of the glass and its face on the near-side.


Engraved Glass ©HelenBushe


To see more of Alexis’ work, why not head to his website: Walkingonglass.co.uk


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