iPhoneography: Manchester in Monochrome

iPhoneography in Manchester

When we went to Manchester yesterday I had to choose between packing either my camera or a raincoat as both wouldn’t fit into my uncharacteristically smart(ish) little shoulder bag.

As this is summer and we are talking MANCHESTER, the raincoat took precedence. And yes, it rained rather a lot!

I took these shots on my iPhone using the Hueless App and edited them in Snapseed while we were waiting for our friends in the Hilton aka Beetham Tower.


Underneath the Arches St Peter's Square Manchester monochrome Black & White Challenge snapped Hueless

Underneath the Arches ©HelenBushe


MANCHESTER: Lights in the Hilton

MANCHESTER: Lights in the Hilton ©HelenBushe

MANCHESTER: Beetham Tower Hilton Hotel monochrome Black & White

MANCHESTER: Beetham Tower ©HelenBushe


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