Cee’s B&W Challenge: S to X

Monochrome Alphabet: Letters S to X.

I am determined to cover all 26 letters in the Monochrome Alphabet but have missed a couple of weeks.

Here’s my catch-up from S to X:


S:   Sculptured Shell on Cleveleys Beach

Mary's Shell B&W monochrome

Mary’s Shell ©HelenBushe


T:   Tractor on Lytham Beach

Tractor on Lytham Beach B&W monochrome

Tractor on Lytham Beach ©HelenBushe


U:  Under Lock and Key at Lancaster Castle

Under Lock and Key Lancaster Castle monochrome

Under Lock and Key ©HelenBushe


V:  Vincent van Gogh on a Wall in Valletta

Vincent Van Gogh B&W monochrome

Vincent ©HelenBushe

W:  Wire alongside the Canal

Barbed Wire High key minimalist monochrome

Barbed Wire ©HelenBushe


X:  X-shaped Sails of Lytham Windmill

X-shaped Sails Lytham Windmill

Lytham Windmill’s Sails ©HelenBushe


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