Within the Walls of the Ancient Palazzo

The Maltese nobility assembles within  these walls!

And how I’d love to be a fly on the wall when they do!

Exclusivity Malta IL-Mdina Silent City

Exclusivity ©HelenBushe


This ancient Palazzo in the 16th century fortified city of  Mdina, also known as the Silent City, is now a 5-star hotel called XARA PALACE.

We nipped inside for a look under the guise of picking up a leaflet from reception with a view to staying there next year and therefore needing to check the place out. Dream on!


The Courtyard XARA Palace Hotel

The Courtyard ©HelenBushe


I’m sure these smokes are expensive.


Cigars ©HelenBushe


This chair was outside the Ladies’ Restroom.  (Yes, I had more than one reason for wanting/needing to go inside).

I thought the better of sitting on it though, in case I broke it.

chair XARA Hotel mina Malta

Rest-a-while ©HelenBushe


On leaving the hotel, I looked around the corner to see this:

Mdina Malta Silent city oddball horse carriage

Getting around in the Silent City ©HelenBushe


Our next stop in Mdina was a visit to the Carmelite Priory, where we managed to wangle a private visit.  But that’s for another post.

When I started this OddBall post I intended only to show the first picture about the Maltese nobility…..

……then I got carried away…….

…..of course the  city of Mdina isn’t OddBall, but is is quite unique and exceptionally beautiful.

For real OddBall posts head over to Cee’s Challenge.

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