A Walk along our Local Canal Towpath

Yesterday we took a walk along the towpath of our local canal. As this stretch of the canal is only a couple of miles away from home, it’s a walk we do many times throughout the year. There is always plenty to see, whatever the season. Although it was sunny yesterday, the canal was still iced over with ducks skating around on it.

I’ve selected these pictures from yesterday’s walk for Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge.

So, if you’d like to come for a walk along a short stretch of the Lancaster canal…….

………follow these directions.

You can’t get lost – IT”S A TOWPATH !!!


  1. Squeeze through a narrow gap in the wall and down the steps onto the towpath and turn left (as it’s too muddy the other way today):
Steps at the Start canal Lancaster towpath

Steps at the Start ©HelenBushe


2. Enjoy the reflections under the first bridge at Bumbles Boatyard:

Under the Bridge lancaster canal

Under the Bridge ©HelenBushe


3. Have a look at the boats for sale:

boats for sale

Boats for Sale ©HelenBushe


4.  Walk on to one of my favourite photo-spots and admire this narrowboat:


Waterwheels  ©HelenBushe


5. Notice this sign to the “Smallest Corner Shop in Lancashire” and make a mental note to visit  it sometime:

To the Running Pump

To the Running Pump ©HelenBushe


6. After half an hour, we’ll get to the “house with the flag”. Closer inspection shows that they’ve changed their usual nautical flag for one with a picture of Santa and the words “Merry Christmas”. I didn’t know you could get flags like that.

For a short walk, this is a good place to do an about turn:

Santa's Flag

Santa’s Flag ©HelenBushe


7. But as it’s such a nice day (and there’s a bit of Christmas weight to walk off) we’ll go on a wee bit further. And then we’ll turn back:


Moorings ©HelenBushe


8. Loads to see on the way back too, but walking into the low winter sun so no photographs.

We’re nearly back now. I hope you’ve enjoyed the walk!

Catforth Sign

Catforth Sign ©HelenBushe


9. We’ve just to say  au revoir to the ducks and tell them that we might see them again on New Year’s Day.

They’re  thrilled by this news …..or not……it’s hard to tell with ducks:


Ducks on Ice Lancaster Canal

Ducks on Ice ©HelenBushe

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