Our Village Lanes

Around our Village

This morning’s walk started at our front door and took us along some of the many lanes around here. Because it’s so close to home I’ve not thought of this route as a real “walk” before, more like an hour’s “functional exercise”. But just because it’s literally on our doorstep doesn’t make it any less lovely. I hope you think so too.

We crossed the road and went down the lane past the mysterious Clifton Hall. It’s only in winter that you can glimpse the chimneys (and the flag) through the bare trees.


Clifton Hall

Clifton Hall ©HelenBushe


Turned left, down the next lane:

Down the Lane

Down the Lane ©HelenBushe

and walked a bit further:

Further down the Lane

Further down the Lane ©HelenBushe


Turned  left into Lea Lane:

Look out for Horses

Look out for Horses ©HelenBushe


Said BAA to some sheep. They were unimpressed:

Black-faced Sheep

Black-faced Sheep ©HelenBushe


Walked past the farm:

Past the Farm

The Farm ©HelenBushe


We were surprised to see a car today.  Usually there aren’t any, so this sign was most reassuring!:

Walkers on Bends

Walkers on Bends ©HelenBushe


A lot of sheep came to say BAA to us:

More Sheep

More Sheep ©HelenBushe


Turned into Church Lane:

Church Lane

Church Lane ©HelenBushe


Had a look at Windmill Farm:

Windmill Farm

Windmill Farm ©HelenBushe


Considered buying eggs…..maybe next time:

Eggs for Sale Clifton Windmill Farm

Eggs for Sale ©HelenBushe


Continued along to the church:

The Parish of Lund

St John the Evangelist ©HelenBushe


Followed the sign to the Church Hall:

Church Hall St John's Clifton Lund

To the Church Hall ©HelenBushe


Originally Clifton and Salwick School, it was built in 1837:

Lund Church Hall

Lund Church Hall ©HelenBushe

And partly rebuilt in 1887 in honour of Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee:


1887 ©HelenBushe


Finally had a brisk walk back past the Village Green to get us home before it started to rain:

Clifton Green

Clifton Village Green ©HelenBushe

Whilst this post is really to celebrate the beauty of our local area, I thought I’d link it to Cee’s Which Way Foto Challenge.

If anyone gets this far in reading it……..well done and thank you. Why not reward yourself with a visit to Cee’s Challenge.

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