Where do Victorian Chimney-Pots go when they Retire?

Question: Where do Chimney-Pots go when they Retire? 

Answer: They go to a rehoming centre aka a salvage yard.


Anyone who loves rummaging around through mountains of Victoriana would think they’d died and gone to heaven in this salvage yard we visited recently.

We were looking for an old, but perfectly formed, chimney pot to use as a planter in the garden.

Talk about being spoiled for choice!!!!!

More Treasures Victorian Salvage yard

Waiting to be Re-Homed ©HelenBushe


Knife-sharpener anyone? Mangle? I can just about imagine these things being used (though they do pre-date me by a quite a few decades).

A Mangle & a Knife-Sharpener Victorian salvage yard

A Knife-Sharpener and a Mangle ©HelenBushe


This is a small corner of the yard . The whole place must have been the size of a football pitch:

Roofing Materials and an Old Bath Victorian Salvage yard

Roofing Materials and an Old Bath ©HelenBushe


Another corner:

Slates salvage yard Victorian roof

Crates of Slates ©HelenBushe


I think this area might be the Bargain Basement:

Assorted Clutter salvage yard Victorian

Assorted Victoriana ©HelenBushe


After great deliberation we selected this chimney-pot. 

Chimney-Pot salvage yard Victorian

Our Chimney-Pot ©HelenBushe


It’s now in our garden and planted with pansies. It looks very nice indeed.



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