Today’s Butterfly Hunt

Today’s butterfly hunt started off very well indeed.  Before we’d even set off we were prancing around a Buddleia bush beside the car clicking our camera shutters. There were Small Tortoiseshells, Red Admirals, Peacocks, a Painted Lady and a Gatekeeper.

A 45-minute drive north took us to Myers Allotment up in Silverdale which has been a great place in previous years for a wide variety of butterflies but today it wasn’t. I did manage to get a picture of a Dragonfly though but not much else.

Next, a visit to Leighton Moss bird reserve where we saw more Painted Ladies and Red Admirals and then onto one of  our favourite locations for butterfly hunting, Warton Crag. Warton Crag is limestone hill with wonderful walks giving great views right across Morecambe Bay. On our arrival there we were greeted by almost a swarm (slight exaggeration there) of bright yellow Brimstone butterflies. A bit further up the Crag there were some small Common Blues. The sun was shining and we had the place to ourselves. It was perfect!

I’d like to share some of today’s shots which I hope you like:


Red Admiral

Red Admiral ©HelenBushe 


Painted Lady

Painted Lady ©HelenBushe 


Drinking Nectar

Drinking Nectar ©HelenBushe 


Common Blue

Common Blue ©HelenBushe 


Blue on Grass

Blue on Grass ©HelenBushe 



Dragonfly ©HelenBushe 



Brimstone on Knapweed ©HelenBushe 


Brimstone Upside-down

Brimstone on White Flower ©HelenBushe


Today’s butterfly hunt was so much fun…..can’t wait till the next sunny day, which unfortunately isn’t going to be tomorrow. Yes, I know it is mid-summer but this is North-West England. We keenly anticipate sunny days and when we get them we remember them fondly for a long time afterwards!

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