Thursday Doors: A Bird on the Head.

A bird on the head……

…… worth two on the bench …..but only in



Can you spot the keyhole on this door? And a couple of secret panels?

Barcelona , doors, graffiti , dog , bird, Gothic Quarter

A Bird on the Head ©HelenBushe


I wasn’t the only one in the Gothic Quarter that day photographing doors for Norm’s Thursday Doors.

Perhaps Norm knows who this is. Perhaps its Norm in disguise!!

Paparazzi, Gothic Quarter, Barcelona, Thursday Doors, humour, iPhoneography

BARCELONA: Paparazzi ©HelenBushe


Every big door of any importance has a Mini-Me Door-within-a-Door:

Thursday Doors,Barcelona , door, graffiti , dog , bird, Gothic Quarter

BARCELONA: A Big Door ©HelenBushe

Looks like there’s about 18 apartments in this building.

Presumably the door opens electronically when buzzed. If not, then there’s a hang of a lot of gigantic doorkeys being carted around Barcelona :

Barcelona , doors, graffiti , dog , bird, Gothic Quarter, Thursday Doors

Big Door’s Mini-Me-Door©HelenBushe


You can see more of Barcelona’s doors here:

Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter

or by typing “Barcelona doors” in the SEARCH window.

You can see lots more amazing doors from doorlovers around the world by visiting Norm’s Thursday Doors


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