Our Village Lanes

Around our Village This morning’s walk started at our front door and took us along some of the many lanes around here. Because it’s so close to home I’ve not thought of this route as a real “walk” before, more like an hour’s “functional exercise”. But just because it’s literally on our doorstep doesn’t make it any less lovely. I hope you think so too. We crossed the road and went down the lane past the mysterious Clifton Hall. It’s only in winter that you can glimpse the chimneys (and the flag) through the bare trees.     Turned left, down the next lane: and walked a bit further:   Turned  left into Lea Lane:   Said BAA to some sheep. They were unimpressed:   Walked past the farm:   We were surprised to see a car today.  Usually there aren’t any, so this sign was most reassuring!:   A lot of sheep came to say BAA to us:   Turned into Church Lane:   Had a look at Windmill Farm:   Considered buying eggs…..maybe next time:   Continued along to the church:   Followed the sign to the Church Hall:   Originally Clifton and Salwick School, it was built […]

Which way to High Dam?

Which way to High Dam from the village of Finsthwaite? This map on a notice board at the start of the walk helped: High Dam is a picturesque tarn near Finsthwaite and Lakeside at the southern end of Windermere. A dam was built across the southern end of the tarn in the early 1800s to supply water to the bobbin mill at Stott Park a few miles away. It is surrounded by mixed woodlands of oak, birches, larch and Scots pine to name a few. The woodland floor is scattered with bilberry, bracken and heather. – Walk Lakes website The 19th century Bobbin Mill was well worth a visit. I’d never considered the provenance all the wooden bobbins used in the once-thriving spinning and weaving industry in Lancashire and Yorkshire……but that’s for another post……. …….for now it’s onwards and upwards with our walk to High Dam. These pictures are in approximately the right order and were all taken on the way up. When we got to the furthest-most point of our circular walk at the top of the little hill we had a well-earned rest, whilst basking in autumn sunshine. Then the sky clouded over so I put away the […]

Walking in the Borrowdale Valley

We had good weather again this week for our penultimate trip for this year to the Borrowdale Valley in the Lake District . Whilst there’s not much blue sky in evidence on these pictures, the sun was shining much of the time. Fast-moving clouds provided an ever-changing sky with patches of blue never very far away. Colours of autumn are just beginning to show in the bracken. We’ll probably see a difference next week……it’ll be colder, that’s for sure. All these images were taken at the start of a walk up to Styhead Ghyll.               Thank’s again to Cee for her Which Way photo Challenge. 

A Well-Trodden Path

This well-trodden path in the Borrowdale Valley in England’s Lake District is my post for Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge. It’s one of my favourite walks. We’ve another trip there planned for the week after next, so hoping the weather is as good…or at least dry!    

Which way? The Footpath or the Bridleway?

Which way? The Footpath or the Bridleway? We enjoyed another couple of days in  the Borrowdale Valley in the Lake District this week. I took these pictures on the walk from Seathwaite to Styhead Ghyll. There is a sign in Seathwaite proclaiming it to be the wettest place in England….but hey….there was no rain that day and the sun came out later.         This is my  post for Cee’s Weekly Which Way Photo Challenge. Why not click on the link and see posts from fellow bloggers around the world.  

Wordless Wednesday: Yesterday’s Walk

Wordless Wednesday: Yesterday’s Walk  

Lytham Promenade

Promenade: a path for walking on, especially one built next to the sea – Cambridge English Dictionary CFFC: Walks Indoor and Outdoor It rained heavily throughout the day yesterday until early evening. As soon as the rain stopped we went for a walk along the prom at Lytham. We rushed out with such eagerness desperation to get outside and into the sunshine that there was no time even to grab camera, so these were taken on iPhone.    

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