The Mummy’s Thumb

The Mummy’s Thumb It’s been dead 5,000 years. Or has it? Will it ever die? “The strangest thing in captivity”  is my offering this week for Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge It dates  from the 1930’s and is one of many working vintage amusements in a Penny Arcade on Southport Pier.  

Vintage in Bronte Country

Haworth is the epitome of Emily Brontë’s legendary Wuthering Heights. There’s an enchanting mystique to the wild and rugged moors that surround this beautiful village – you can practically hear the echoes of Catherine and Heathcliffe around every cobbled and heather strewn corner. Prepare to fall in love with Haworth and its living, breathing past. Read more about Vintage in Bronte Country[…]

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