Cleaning the Carousel and other Oddballs on Blackpool Pier

OddBalls on the Pier Just before the schools’ February half-term week’s holiday, there is feverish activity in our local seaside resorts.  The Showzam Street Festival will hit Blackpool again, the Pleasure Beach will open and everyone and everything will come out of hibernation. Cafés will put tables and chairs outside for those souls hardy enough to brave the elements (or who want a quick puff on a ciggy). But before all this can happen, there is some serious cleaning to be done. After the mid-term holiday, some amusements close down and then there’s a massive Spring Clean in time for Easter. Cleaning the carousels on one of the piers involved a man with a ladder, an orange bucket, a sponge and green Marigold gloves:     It’s a tough job testing the SkyDiver, but someone’s got to do it:   Mr HotDog has been dusted down:   With a bit of luck the sky will stay this blue for the rest of the holiday week, even though the temperature isn’t much above freezing when you factor in wind-chill:     To see a great selection of OddBall posts from fellow bloggers, why not head to Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge.

Seats with a Sea View

Seats with a Sea View For the latest  Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Any Seating  I’ve put together a series of pictures I took at three of our local coastal resorts, St Annes, Cleveleys and Blackpool, in the off-season months of winter. Its a great time to wander around with a camera looking at the street furniture. In summer you can’t see the seats for all the holidaymakers sitting on them. In winter the traditional designs of the seaside shelters and seating can be appreciated. I really like them. I hope you do too.               To see more of our fellow bloggers posts for Cee’s Black & White Challenge click on this icon:  

Wow! A Smile!

WOW!  Darts!  Score over 8 to win! I’m sure that’s not as easy as it sounds. If it were that simple, the stallholder would go out of business and Bully Bullseye wouldn’t be smiling as he’s be unemployed). All the fun of the fair on one of the piers in Blackpool, a local seaside resort. I hope my post for this week’s CFFC makes you smile……    

Two Boats on the Beach on A Frosty Morning

Throwback Thursday: Two Boats on the Beach on A Frosty Morning I found this whilst clearing out old files. I took a few like this on a morning walk along the promenade in Lytham last winter. I was going to bin them but thought I’d immortalise use this one in a post.  It reminded me (not that I need prompting) to make the most of summer as its not going to last for ever.

Light and Shade

Light and Shade WordPress Photo Challenge: Opposites This picture was taken in an art-deco-styled seaside pavilion during the closed season (February). You can see that a lot of sand has blown up from the beach which is some distance away. I liked the way that the light from the winter sun hit the roof in such a way that it created a diagonal.

Net Curtains at the Seaside

Monday Window: Net Curtains at the Seaside I took this photograph a couple of years ago on a visit to the quaint seaside town of Aldeburgh on the Suffolk coast. It is a most traditional, genteel resort and quintessentially English in character. I’d not seen so many net curtains at the one time since my childhood when they were the norm (Venetian blinds were so avant grade in those days and, well, a bit foreign, not to mention expensive). So if you are a lover of pieces of net hanging inside windows, Aldeburgh would be your dream destination.  I think these are rather pretty.    


In response to a challenge from Heyjude-the earth laughs in flowers who this month is looking for Wild Flowers. These photographs of Armeria Martima, commonly known as Thrift, Sea Thrift or Sea Pink were taken a few years ago in my home country of Scotland.   The British threepence coin issued between 1937 and 1952 had a design of thrift on the reverse. I must have spent many of these, at the rate of one a week, from my pocket money. The big decision being whether to buy a tube of Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles or a packet of Spangles.

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