The Causeway RSPB

The Skytower at Leighton Moss

Cee’s Black&White Photo Challenge:Steps: The Skytower at Leighton Moss. As the largest reedbed in North West England, Leighton Moss is home to a fantastic variety of wildlife, including rare reedbed birds and playful otters.-RSPB website We’ve climbed these steps a few times on our frequent visits to this Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Read more about The Skytower at Leighton Moss[…]

The Very Hungry Baby Dipper

WP Photo Challenge: Dinnertime One very hungry and noisy young dipper was giving his mother no peace at all: For over an hour we watched as the mother flew back and forth with morsels of food (flies, grubs and unidentifiable delicacies): Each time his mother was away foraging the wee thing just sat on that Read more about The Very Hungry Baby Dipper[…]

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