Wow! A Smile!

WOW!  Darts!  Score over 8 to win! I’m sure that’s not as easy as it sounds. If it were that simple, the stallholder would go out of business and Bully Bullseye wouldn’t be smiling as he’s be unemployed). All the fun of the fair on one of the piers in Blackpool, a local seaside resort. Read more about Wow! A Smile![…]


Grange was a  fishing village until the Victorian era when the arrival of the railway made it a popular resort. The “over-Sands” suffix was added in the late 19th or early 20th century by the local vicar who was fed up with his post going to Grange in Borrowdale. Today the town seems to have Read more about Grange-over-Sands[…]

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