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Wow! A Smile!

WOW!  Darts!  Score over 8 to win! I’m sure that’s not as easy as it sounds. If it were that simple, the stallholder would go out of business and Bully Bullseye wouldn’t be smiling as he’s be unemployed). All the fun of the fair on one of the piers in Blackpool, a local seaside resort. Read more about Wow! A Smile![…]

One-armed Bandit

WordPress Photo Challenge: Abstract When I was little I used to see these slot machines at the funfair at the seaside though I was never allowed to spend waste pocketmoney on them. My pals at primary school in Scotland spoke in knowledgeable terms about “playing the puggies” and it always sounded daring with a hint Read more about One-armed Bandit[…]

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