Jesters and their Caps

Thank you, Hugh, for inviting us to post pictures of Hats for this week’s Hugh’s Photo Challenge .       When I found these images tonight I just had to Google Jesters. So, thank you, Hugh, if it hadn’t been for your challenge I’d never have lost myself in the history of Jesters, Fools, Buffoons, Clowns, Dunces and all the other variations on the theme.  I’ve learned that jesters were popular in Ancient Egypt and entertained the Pharaohs. Jesters were also popular with the Aztecs in the 14th to 16th centuries. King Charles the First employed a very small jester to jump out of a giant pie. I’ve followed links to Japanese male Geishas and, nearer home, to Punch and Judy. The court jester is a universal phenomenon. He crops up in every court worth its salt in medieval and Renaissance Europe, in China, India, Japan, Russia, America and Africa. A cavalcade of jesters tumble across centuries and continents, and one could circle the globe tracing their footsteps. But to China the laurels. China has undoubtedly the longest, richest, and most thoroughly documented history of court jesters. From Twisty Pole and Baldy Chunyu to Moving Bucket and Newly Polished Mirror, […]

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge

Oddball: noun a person or thing that is atypical, bizarre, eccentric, or nonconforming adjective whimsically free-spirited; eccentric; atypical (Definition from Cee’s Oddball Challenge page) The Royal Mile in Edinburgh’s Old Town runs from Edinburgh Castle  right down to Holyrood Palace and the Scottish Parliament. It is lined with the most historic of buildings to admire but also by many shops selling merchandise known locally as “Tartan Tat” When they told this tiger he would play a prominent role in tourism on this most Royal of streets he was really excited to have been chosen. Things don’t always turn out the way you want them to though………. …….and now he’s hoping none of his tiger mates visit Edinburgh.    

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge

Cee’s theme this week is Candid Photography. This photograph was taken one morning in the reading room of a local library in a seaside town. We have always come here. Always come to where the sky lowers its head and lays its body down. We do the same -come to lay our burdens down, in the air, the sunlight that finds  its way each day, the spray and the plume, the hush and the rhythm of the sea. (author unknown)

Throwback Thursdays: 11: Five and Dime

“Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean”. This image taken a few years ago in an eaterie in a Scottish Amusement Park always reminds me of a 1982 film directed by Robert Altman (originally a play by Ed Graczyk) which I’ve never seen but somehow think I should as I’m sure I would enjoy it. The Disciples of James Dean meet up on the anniversary of his death and mull over their lives in the present and in flashback, revealing the truth behind their complicated lives. Who is the mysterious Joanne and what’s the real story behind Mona’s son, James Dean Junior ? (see imdb website) The cast includes Cher, Karen Black and Sandy Dennis. In the film they meet up in in a Woolworth’s Five and Dime Store but I don’t think they’d have been out of place here……..  

Dance Dance Dance

In response to this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge: Dance.   Step into the sensationally stylish Blackpool Tower Ballroom and prepare to be lost in a world of elegant charm and refined beauty. Dating back to 1894, The Blackpool Tower Ballroom is world famous for its unique sprung dance floor and spectacular architecture and remains to this day a destination for dance fans from across the globe. You can dance the day away to the sounds of the famous Wurlitzer organ amidst this stunning setting, or watch from the side lines as you enjoy a delicious afternoon tea. Whether you want to glide around the dance floor, relax at your table or spectate from up on the balconies, The Blackpool Tower Ballroom is an experience you will never forget. You’ll be entranced by magic of The Ballroom and want to return time and time again, as so many of our regular guests already do.     — Blackpool Tower Ballroom Website These images were taken from the spectators’ gallery where there’s always plenty to enjoy, from watching what the kids at school nicknamed “joined up dancing” on what is reckoned to be the best floor in the world to dance on…….. ……to […]

Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: week 15 – UNDER

In response to Hugh’s Weekly PhotoChallenge: week 15 – Under. It will soon be spring and the narrowboats will be out again on our local canal (and we’ll be walking along the towpath admiring them!).  

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