A Red Car in a No Parking Zone

In response to a challenge issued by a great photographer Sylvain Landry, I’m posting this picture of a Red Car. I know I may be a little late with this, but I’ve just got back from holiday and found this on a fellow-blogger’s site (see Marga Demmers’ blog). I had to post this as Sylvain’s challenge is Cars, and whilst he says he hates everything to do with cars, he mentions having a soft spot for any that are both old and red. And perhaps being parked under a NO PARKING sign will add to its appeal.


My image this week for Norm’s Thursday Doors was taken in Chinatown in Manchester. Handkerchief Manufacturer…. ……  A & H Reich Cotton Goods. A faded cotton merchants’ sign from a bygone age when Manchester was known as Cottonopolis, the Cotton Capital of the world.    

A Very Posh Wheel

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge this week is Wheels. The front wheel of a Lagonda – not my Lagonda unfortunately, nor the Lagonda of anyone I know.     Plenty more wheels just a click away:

Wordless Wednesdays: The View from the Castle.

Throwback Thursdays: 10

A weekly series where I revisit old photographs. Dancin’ in the Street

Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: week 15 – UNDER

In response to Hugh’s Weekly PhotoChallenge: week 15 – Under. It will soon be spring and the narrowboats will be out again on our local canal (and we’ll be walking along the towpath admiring them!).  

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