The Brass Band Plays for St Augustine

On our recent trip to Valletta on the Mediterranean island of Malta we were lucky enough to watch/participate in some of the celebrations for the upcoming feast of St Augustine. For Cee’s Black & White Challenge this week I’d like to share a few pictures of a local brass band in Valletta leading a procession down to the church of St Augustine (or Santu Wistin as he is called in Maltese). Once at the church we were invited inside by the locals to watch a ceremony where a VERY large statue of St Augustine was carried outside to be blessed and then carried back in again. (But that’s for another blog post which won’t be in monochrome! It was colourful in the extreme). But for now, the brass band…..           (With thanks as always to Cee for her hard work and enthusiasm in putting out these challenges every week.)

Jubilation & Celebration

In response to this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge: Jubilant  Jubilant, adjective: showing great joy, satisfaction, or triumph; rejoicing, exultant. Here’s a picture for each of those words. (And in that order too, if all goes according to plan)          

The Great Scottish Run

In response to WordPress Photo Challenge: Admiration  I really do take my hat off in admiration of the many thousands of people who train hard (or at least a bit) in order to run in a race to raise money for charity. I took these pictures a few years ago as a spectator at The Great Scottish Run which is held every year in Glasgow. Its a real fun day with participants ranging from what I would call “proper” runners, to keen amateurs, to people on stilts and clowns, all running to the cheers of the crowd and sometimes to the skirl of the bagpipes.      

Throwback Thursdays: 10

A weekly series where I revisit old photographs. Dancin’ in the Street

Throwback Thursdays: 9

A weekly series where I revisit old photographs.  Tweedledum and Tweedledee

Wordless Wednesday: Ooh! La! La!

Throwback Thursdays : 2

A weekly series when I revisit old photographs. Caption Competition: I took this photograph a couple of years ago in Malta. It still makes me smile. I titled it, “Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd”. Does anyone have any ideas for an alternative caption?  If you do, please post your entries in the comment box below. Oh, and there is no prize!  

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