Dappled Sunlight on Berries Mere Sands Wood macro monday

MONDAY is MACRO DAY: WEEK 7: Dappled Sunlight

Dappled Sunlight in a Magical Wood. Mere Sands Wood Nature Reserve is  a small wood of about 100 acres in West Lancashire. The reserve comprises lakes, mature broadleaved and conifer woodland, sandy, wet meadows and heaths. It’s  described on Lancashire Wildlife Trust’s  website as A wildlife-rich haven in the heart Read more…

Painted Lady Butterfly Monday macro

MONDAY is MACRO DAY: WEEK 5: Painted Ladies

This week we had a visit from a Painted Lady…. …..No! Not that kind of Painted Lady; this is Monday Macro after all!   The Painted Lady is a long-distance migrant, which causes the most spectacular butterfly migrations observed in Britain and Ireland. Each year, it spreads northwards from the Read more…

pollination , bumble bee, common carder bee, insect , macro

MONDAY is MACRO DAY: WEEK 4: Bumblebees and Pollen Baskets

POLLINATION in ACTION ! As busy as a bee! As busy as bumblebee! As busy as this Common Carder Bee gathering pollen was on Tuesday afternoon this week at Myers Allotment in Silverdale.   And what’s the orange clump on this bee’s leg? It’s a pollen basket: What’s a pollen Read more…

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