Perspective: Looking up, Down or Sideways

Getting a different perspective on familiar things for me usually involves some kind of physical contortion. I approached this iconic Scallop on Aldeburgh beach with camera already set.  Since I could see people approaching, and wanted a shot without them in it, I flung myself down flat on the pebbled seashore in front of it and clicked the shutter. It was an “all-in-one” sequence of actions. One second I was on my feet, next second I was splayed flat out, clicking. I did this so quickly (I’d been rehearsing it in my mind on the walk towards it) that  the others nearby thought I’d collapsed. I did feel a bit silly but it was good of them to check out that I was OK.  Getting back up afterwards wasn’t quite so easy. It never is these days. This shell is dedicated to composer Benjamin Britten . It is almost 5 metres high and is made of stainless steel. It was designed by Suffolk artist, Maggi Hambling, and bears the words : I hear those voices that will not be drowned  (from Britten’s opera “Peter Grimes”)     Getting the next couple of shots involved me cricking my neck:     […]

Two Boats on the Beach on A Frosty Morning

Throwback Thursday: Two Boats on the Beach on A Frosty Morning I found this whilst clearing out old files. I took a few like this on a morning walk along the promenade in Lytham last winter. I was going to bin them but thought I’d immortalise use this one in a post.  It reminded me (not that I need prompting) to make the most of summer as its not going to last for ever.

Look Up.

WordPress Challenge: Look Up I came out of TK Maxx  one morning and looked up and saw Blackpool Tower:     One sunny day I looked up and got a different perspective on a local landmark:   One night I looked up and saw a Harvest Moon:   I think maybe I’ll look up more often.

In the Distance

In the Distance I have many images to fit this challenge, mostly taken locally on our Fylde coast. I’ve chosen some of my favourites for this week’s Black & White Challenge.          

Lytham Promenade

Promenade: a path for walking on, especially one built next to the sea – Cambridge English Dictionary CFFC: Walks Indoor and Outdoor It rained heavily throughout the day yesterday until early evening. As soon as the rain stopped we went for a walk along the prom at Lytham. We rushed out with such eagerness desperation to get outside and into the sunshine that there was no time even to grab camera, so these were taken on iPhone.    

Sunset Song

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge Theme is “Half-Light” I’ve taken the title of this post Sunset Song from the title of a book I read and enjoyed many years ago.  Sunset Song is a 1932 novel by Scottish writer Lewis Grassic Gibbon. It is widely regarded as one of the most important Scottish novels of the 20th century. it is part of a trilogy A Scots Quair. The central character is a young woman, Chris Guthrie, growing up in a farming family in the fictional Estate of Kinraddie in The Mearns in the north east of Scotland at the start of the 20th century. Life is hard, and her family is dysfunctional. – Wikipedia    

Wordless Wednesdays: Between a Bench and a Lamppost.

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