Barcelona CFFC Vibrant colours Bowie

Vibrant Colours in Barcelona.

Pictures showing vibrant colours in Barcelona could fill a blog-post tens of thousands of pages long. Its certainly the most vibrant city I’ve ever visited. Each year I come back with around 1400 colourful photographs;  three trips = 3×1400 = 4200.  Quite a lot! And certainly plenty to keep me Read more…

Gothic Monastery of Pedralbes Barcelona cell door Thursday doors

Pedralbes: A Cell Door in the Gothic Cloisters

Pedralbes Monastery. We’ve just come back from our third trip to Barcelona. Apple Photos is telling me I took 1,300 pictures with my iPhone. (only about 15 more than last year!) I haven’t looked at many yet, but it’s Thursday and NORM’S THURSDAY DOORS are calling me to action. I’m Read more…

cats palma pedigree homes iphoneography palma

OddBall: The Cardboard Cats of Palma

Meow! Meow! These two cats stopped me dead in my tracks the first time I saw them when we turned the corner from our hotel in Palma. On closer inspection, they’re cardboard cut-outs of pedigree Sphynx cats identifying ┬áthe Pedigree Homes Estate Agents. Like it says on the door, they’re Read more…

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