Atop: Narrowboats with Things on Top

“Hebden Bridge: The Fourth Funkiest Town in the World”, was the description of this West Yorkshire market town in an edition of a British Airways in-flight magazine. If there are three places funkier than Hebden Bridge, then I’d love to see them. (Apparently they are: Daylesford in Australia,  Tiradentes in Brazil and Burlington in Vermont). On one of our visits there last year, we’d hoped to take really striking photographs;  we’d imagined reflections on the canal of brightly coloured narrowboats, framed by blue sky and and all that.  A veritable photographer’s paradise. However, it was raining, the water in the Rochdale Canal was greenish grey and the sky even greyer. None of this was at all unexpected or out of the ordinary as we are talking about a west-facing town high in the Pennine Hills in the North of England. After a wander around the trendy shops and a lunch stop, the rain had lessened enough for a walk along the towpath. I became fascinated with all the different things that people put on top of their narrowboats, never thinking that these photographs would ever appear in a post.   Everything from Bambi to a Bicycle:   From a Gro-Bag […]

Designer Shoes in Profile: Fantasy versus Reality

Designer Shoes: the Fantasy  I saw all these shoes in a marvellous independent shop in the  trendy Yorkshire town of Hebden Bridge.  Oh, to be a Bright Young Thing and have small, pointy feet!     My Shoes: the Reality: So inspired was I by all these colourful designer shoes on my screen, I thought I’d show you what the well dressed blogger is wearing this morning on her feet. (Well, it is a cold wet, wintery day and my house clogs are so very comfortable)   Thanks to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: View from the Side for giving me the idea for this post. 

Waterways 1. Canal and Towpaths of Hebden Bridge

Waterways 1. Canal and Towpaths of Hebden Bridge….. and barges and narrowboats and couple of ducks for good measure. I think know I’m going to like Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge as I can’t see that I’ll ever be stuck for stuff to post. I love walking in cities, so there’ll be streets and lanes, I love the the country side so there’ll be paths and stiles and  I totally adore canals. There are many canals around where we live in North-West England both in the town and cities as well as in the countryside. Their history is fascinating as so much of England’ s prosperity resulted from them in the past. This post features the Rochdale Canal as it winds its way through the Yorkshire town of Hebden Bridge. The canal dates from the late 18th Century. Hebden Bridge is the 4th funkiest town in the world and is also the UK town with most local identity – From HebWeb news  Having visited Hebden Bridge a few times, I would definitely agree with the description “funky”.  A Hebden Bridge door can be seen here and a very unusual chair on the pavement can be seen here. And a snapshot of the Rochdale canal […]

Caution Ahead: Bees at Work

Caution Ahead: Bees at Work and other signs I’ve seen in the past few weeks when I’ve been out and about locally. What a stroke of luck that this week’s CFFC is Signs. Thank you Cee for this week’s Fun Foto Challenge which has revealed to me that I have a penchant for taking signs. In fact I probably have so many in the archives I think I’ll have to do a second post: “Signs 2″…or “The Return of Signs”…or “Signs Strike Back”…..or many more of the silly titles that have come into my head.          

The Magic of Three

On a recent visit to the Yorkshire town of Hebden Bridge I photographed so many quirky things as its that sort of place. I loved the look of the door on this Bed & Breakfast establishment. (I wonder what magic food they serve for breakfast? Mushrooms, perhaps?). Thanks as always to Norm for uniting door lovers of the world in his Thursday Doors Photo Challenge.     And the rest of the same lane:    

A Very Green Spare Chair

In response to WordPress Photo Challenge: Spare  &  Cee’s OddBall Challenge: Last week we visited the Yorkshire town of Hebden Bridge where I saw this chair on the pavement outside a shop in the main street. It was obviously surplus to requirements as seating. If we’re back there in a couple of weeks the plants might have flowered.  

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