Armchair Trolleys and Dr Death (more Barca OddBalls)

More Oddballs found in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, for Cee’s OddBall Challenge this week  Some things are indescribable. Words just don’t do them justice and you have to see them for yourself.  I think these supermarket trolleys come into that category:   And how about Dr Death’s welcoming smile at the pharmacy door:        

Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter: a few more Doors

Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter: a few more Doors For this week’s Thursday Doors hosted by Norm, I’m revisiting my photos from our trip to Barcelona last September. How I am looking forward to wandering through the winding alleys of Barca’s Gothic Quarter again, but that’s not for a few months yet.   This magnificent door is, I think, the street door to some tourist apartments:     Shops, restaurants and clubs pull down their shutters when closed. The shutters ALL display graffiti; it is a recognised art form in the Gothic Quarter and you never see an outside door without it:   After dark the clubs open:      This picture was taken by flash after dark when all the trendy shops remain open till late.  A shop door and an apartment door:   For more Doors in The Gothic Quarter why not visit my other posts: “Doors: Graffiti in the Gothic Quarter” “Thursday Doors: An Old Brown Door in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter”   For more doors from bloggers around the world, head to Norm’s Thursday Doors.

Thursday Doors: An Old Brown Door in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter

Thursday Doors: An Old Brown Door in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter There are many hundreds, no thousands, of fascinating old doors in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. This one really caught my eye because of the its ironmongery . I love the old bolt and letterbox juxtaposed below the new(-ish) padlock. They must be centuries apart.       To see more from door-loving bloggers worldwide , head over to Norm’s Thursday Doors.

Thursday Doors: Graffiti in the Gothic Quarter

Wandering around Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter at night is a colourful  experience. Where I come from “good” neighbourhoods don’t have any graffiti. Indeed if anyone had the temerity to paint any, it would quickly be cleaned off and the matter probably reported to the police. It’s a different scenario in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter where graffiti is the order of the day – but only on doors and shutters. After all, this is the trendy, artistic and hip area of the city, as well as its most historic part. All the shops are independently owned and stock everything from antiques to hand-made leather goods; from art works to artisan bread; from individually designed clothing and shoes to the most most elegant lighting you could ever see. At night all these shops are closed and shuttered to display their graffiti. The apartment entrances also have graffiti on their street doors, which to the untrained eye, disguises the fact that living space here is very expensive and much sought after by  high-earning hipsters. For pictures of doors from bloggers around the world, head to Norm’s Thursday Door Challenge.             And after about 260 or so sleeps we’ll be back in […]

After Dark in Barca

Strolling around Barcelona on warm September evenings seems a whole world away from chilly October back home in North-West England. I’ve just checked out current temperatures and right now whilst it’s 19 degrees in Barca, it’s 10 degrees here  Brrrr….  Not that I don’t enjoy our autumn weather, I just would like it to begin a little later. I’ve enjoyed looking at these pictures tonight so thought I’d put them together in a post. That way I can easily access them the next time I feel the need to remind myself that it isn’t always cold and wet everywhere. All these photos were taken on our last evening in Barcelona.                

The Bicycles of Barcelona

Every time I sit at my laptop to sort out the photos from our recent trip to Barcelona I end up just looking at them and retracing our steps around that most wonderful of cities. I am counting the months (11 and half of them) until our next trip there. I noticed quite a few pictures with bicycles on them. So many of the narrow streets in the old Gothic Quarter are practically traffic free so cycling is a good way for the locals to get about.  We walked..and walked…and walked…although we did use the excellent City Tourist Buses too. And what views we got from the open top deck but that’s for another post in the future. Today it’s Barca’s Bikes…..         Barcelona in September 2017……here we come!

Going Green in Barca

Going Green in Barca I think these legs are probably green enough for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge:Light Greens. Let me know if you don’t think they are and I’ll just have to nip back to Barcelona to see if I can find anything greener……..YES PLEASE!!     Why not click on the link and see what other green delights are to be found……

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