Flowers in the Rain (The Move 1968)

When I saw this WordPress Photo Challenge : Details, my train of thought was something like this Details – Macro – Do it NOW and DON’T Resort to Looking in the Archives – Flowers – Garden – Raindrops – Flowers in the Rain (the song by 60’s group THE MOVE) – YouTube – Rain has Stopped – Go Outside with Camera. I do enjoy giving free rein to my train of thought and seeing where it will take me.  This time it took me out into the garden as soon as the rain had stopped. Before posting my photographs, I’m going to listen to The Move singing Flowers in the Rain. I’ve added the YouTube link at the end of this post. (For younger readers The Kaiser Chiefs brought out their version of the song in 2007.)          

Solar-Powered Owl

Solar-Powered Owl This little chappie sits on the back wall of our garden, all the time thinking he is actually a hollowed out pumpkin and every night is Hallowe’en. He is quietly pleased in an owlish sort of way to feature in my post for this week’s  OddBall Challenge. I like things that make me laugh. I hope you do too.      

Monochrome: Flowers

Monochrome : Flowers. Here is my post this week for Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Flowers The images selected themselves really as they are the only four which came up when I searched my archives for “Flower”, Monochrome”, “Black & White” I hope you like them.        

April: Macros in the Garden

HeyJude who runs  a great website The Earth Laughs in Flowers  has invited us to go out into our gardens in the month of April and take some close-ups. I thought I’d have a go even though flower photography isn’t my strong point. So I dutifully took a daffodil, and then luckily I saw a peacock butterfly and some bees.     I’d learn to learn a bit about bees this year now that I am beginning to fully realise how essential they are for our food supply. I bought a chart showing all the common ones, but to my untrained eye a lot of them look pretty similar. Hence the macro photography of bees as I am hoping that sitting with a photograph on the screen and with the chart beside it, it might be a bit easier slightly possible.  I’ve given up with trying to identify moths as there are over 4,000 kinds in UK (mainly brownish and nocturnal too).  Now butterflies, on the other hand come only in 57 (yes, exactly 57) varieties in UK. I am a keen photographer of butterflies as some are also quite big and they sit still.  

Peanut Pincher

Today this field mouse taught me a lesson: “Do not judge your success in feeding the birds in your garden by the rate at which the level in the peanut holder falls”.

Monday Window: Window in Hidden Lane

First Monday Window post for CafeLudwig’s photography tips                                                                                                         (Seen in Glasgow’s Hidden Lane)

At last !!!!

At last……a Painted Lady in the garden. Adults are first seen in late March as they start to arrive on our shores and numbers build up in May and June as further migrants arrive from the continent. These breed and give rise to the next generation that peaks in early August. This was a very fresh specimen and also a very hungry one – it fed on the buddleia for a good couple of hours.                  

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