Solitude-by-the-Sea on the Fylde Coast

Solitude-by-the-Sea  In winter it is easy to find solitude on the Fylde coast.           WordPress Photo Challenge: Solitude   

Two Boats on the Beach on A Frosty Morning

Throwback Thursday: Two Boats on the Beach on A Frosty Morning I found this whilst clearing out old files. I took a few like this on a morning walk along the promenade in Lytham last winter. I was going to bin them but thought I’d immortalise use this one in a post.  It reminded me (not that I need prompting) to make the most of summer as its not going to last for ever.

The Bandstand in the Park

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Older than 50 Years This bandstand in Stanley Park in our local seaside resort of Blackpool was built in 1929:     At the edge of the lake is a “classic temple” style bandstand, surrounded by amphitheatre style seating. This was specifically located to utilise the acoustics of sound travelling across the lake.The bandstand was designed by Thomas Mawson and was opened on 1 July 1929. It features an Entablature and has a copper roof.The nearby steps are intended to seat an audience of 2,500 people. – wikipedia  

Wordless Wednesday: iPhoneography at Haslam Park

Wordless Wednesday: iPhoneography at Haslam Park

Look Up.

WordPress Challenge: Look Up I came out of TK Maxx  one morning and looked up and saw Blackpool Tower:     One sunny day I looked up and got a different perspective on a local landmark:   One night I looked up and saw a Harvest Moon:   I think maybe I’ll look up more often.

Light and Shade

Light and Shade WordPress Photo Challenge: Opposites This picture was taken in an art-deco-styled seaside pavilion during the closed season (February). You can see that a lot of sand has blown up from the beach which is some distance away. I liked the way that the light from the winter sun hit the roof in such a way that it created a diagonal.

St Annes Fountain

Thought I was going to have to miss out on Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week as I couldn’t find anything in the archives  which I could even pretend was a Fountain.  Then Hey Presto, today we drove to the nearby seaside town of St Annes to see if there would be any donkey rides on the beach for my cousin’s 3-year old when they visit us on Monday. I couldn’t believe my luck when we parked on the promenade road right beside this fine example of a Victorian Fountain.  I’ve seen it loads of times before, but never looking as nice as it did today (Well, there was water in it which was a first! and a blue sky behind it).        

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