Not a Door

Door “When is a door not a door?” asked the riddle in my Tiny Tots comic hundreds of years ago.  Their answer was “When it’s a-jar”, but that never made me laugh. But this did……… …….especially as it’s in a lane in my home city of Glasgow’s West End, and on the side of a Read more about Not a Door[…]

Standing out from the Crowd

How to stand out from the crowd at that most colourful of events, Preston’s Caribbean Carnival, in 5 easy lessons 1  Ignore all colour and dress in black and white with perhaps a “pop” of red. 2  Look unexpectedly serious and walk slowly when others are dancing 3  Ensure all make-up is refreshed regularly 4  Read more about Standing out from the Crowd[…]

18mm / Bridges in the Park

This week’s self-imposed challenge was to go to the park with a fixed lens (Fuji XF 18mm) and come back with three reasonable images of bridges. Since the main railway line out of Preston crosses over the park and the river Ribble borders the park, this didn’t seem too hard. Ha! At the first bridge Read more about 18mm / Bridges in the Park[…]

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