Sagrada Familia: Door Detail Barcelona

Barcelona has some Very Big Doors

Barcelona does indeed have some very big doors….. ……..but none so grand, in my opinion, as this one at Sagrada Familia Cathedral. And what about that handle (if that’s what it is) at the top left corner? Even when I pulled myself up to my full five feet five and three quarter inches, I still couldn’t quite reach it to let myself in.     Like every other square inch of this wonderful building, both inside and outside, the detail is stunning:   And this wasn’t even the main entrance! That was bigger. To see more doors from around the world, why not pop over to Norm’s Thursday Doors

Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter: a few more Doors

Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter: a few more Doors For this week’s Thursday Doors hosted by Norm, I’m revisiting my photos from our trip to Barcelona last September. How I am looking forward to wandering through the winding alleys of Barca’s Gothic Quarter again, but that’s not for a few months yet.   This magnificent door is, I think, the street door to some tourist apartments:     Shops, restaurants and clubs pull down their shutters when closed. The shutters ALL display graffiti; it is a recognised art form in the Gothic Quarter and you never see an outside door without it:   After dark the clubs open:      This picture was taken by flash after dark when all the trendy shops remain open till late.  A shop door and an apartment door:   For more Doors in The Gothic Quarter why not visit my other posts: “Doors: Graffiti in the Gothic Quarter” “Thursday Doors: An Old Brown Door in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter”   For more doors from bloggers around the world, head to Norm’s Thursday Doors.

The Blues

Tonight it’s “10 Must Have Chicago Blues Classics ” playing through  my headphones  so what better title for this week’s Doors  than The Blues. Once again I’ve selected doors from the Mediterranean island of Malta.        

23mm / Doors

2nd week into challenge of going out with one fixed lens on one day, with one theme in mind. Today the camera was the Fuji x100S with a 23mm lens and the area visited was Central Preston, around Winkley Square. This Georgian Square was established in 1801 as an exclusive residential area for the town’s gentry. More of the history and the architecture another time; today it was doors,doors, doors, and there were plenty of them. There were black ones,red ones, green ones, pink ones, yellow ones, purple ones and even a few brown ones, all with impressive brass door furniture.                                                       In a street just off  Winkley Square, behind a modern apartment block is Preston’s Hidden Church, Our Lady of Victories. This is one of the few churches in England where the mass is said in Latin which could be heard from the other side of this door:                                 Back out and round the corner in Guildhall Street […]

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