StreetLife: Pedestrians 5 Valletta minimalist monochrome
AMSTERDAM: pedal power dog on bike bicycle

StreetLife 3: Pedal Power in Amsterdam

StreetLife in Amsterdam, City of Cyclists. HOW MANY BICYCLES ARE THERE IN AMSTERDAM? According to the most recent figures, the 850.000 residents (442.693 households) of Amsterdam together own 847.000 bicycles. That represents 1.91 bicyles per household. 78% of people 12 years and older owns at least one bike. Bonus fact: each year between 12,000 and Read more about StreetLife 3: Pedal Power in Amsterdam[…]

LISBON: Steps in Alfama District

Not a Door

Door “When is a door not a door?” asked the riddle in my Tiny Tots comic hundreds of years ago.  Their answer was “When it’s a-jar”, but that never made me laugh. But this did……… …….especially as it’s in a lane in my home city of Glasgow’s West End, and on the side of a Read more about Not a Door[…]

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