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One Man and his Dog: this week’s OddBall Surprise.

Man’s Best Friend (Eddie and his Dog) Spotted this gorgeous dog on the way into a local garden centre last week.   What an unexpected and surprising photographic opportunity. Thank goodness for camera phones.      Click on the icon below to see more OddBall pictures from bloggers around the world:

Luminous Luminous Reindeer humour Barcelona Gothic Quarter

The Reindeer who was Left Behind on a Balcony in Barca

Looking up in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter I saw a luminous reindeer. This was a first for me, which made it memorable. Had it been mid-winter, this wouldn’t have been unexpected.  But this was early September on a swelteringly hot evening.     I often look at this picture and smile……. and wonder……. (There’s a children’s Read more about The Reindeer who was Left Behind on a Balcony in Barca[…]

Granny Bell's Nettle Tea Bags Heysham
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Tufted Duck oddball

A Tufted Duck with Attitude

A Tufted Duck with Attitude In all my decades as birdwatcher and my years photographing our feathered friends, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a face staring at me through my viewfinder. I love tufted ducks. They are pretty much the shape and proportions of those yellow plastic ones you can float in the Read more about A Tufted Duck with Attitude[…]

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