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OddBall: The Cardboard Cats of Palma

Meow! Meow! These two cats stopped me dead in my tracks the first time I saw them when we turned the corner from our hotel in Palma. On closer inspection, they’re cardboard cut-outs of pedigree Sphynx cats identifying ┬áthe Pedigree Homes Estate Agents. Like it says on the door, they’re Read more…

Misty Monday Macro Cat feline British Shorthair

MONDAY is MACRO day: Week 9: A Cat and a Squirrel.

Who ate all the birdseed then? I love Macro photography but it doesn’t always have to be about showing tiny insects in great detail – although 99% of my macros do just that! For this week’s MONDAY MACRO I’ve chosen two pictures of small animals, both of which were taken Read more…

Cat Bluejohn British Shorthair Feline cards humour

Ignored by the Cat…..again.

“I’m NOT deaf, I’m ignoring you”…… ……. are the words on one of the cards my cousin made for me and sent the other day. Bluejohn seemed to think they were for him and immediately jumped up and posed beside them. And I didn’t believe him when he told me Read more…

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