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Cats and Paper Bags Go Together Rather Well

Cats and Paper Bags are always a good match:     As are cats and freshly changed bed-linen:   As well as cats and hampers:   And as for cats and boxes……   In fact, Misty and Bluejohn can make themselves comfy anywhere and everywhere in the house, AS LONG AS IT’S NOT IN A CAT BED! (If I had £1 for every bed I’ve bought for these cats over the years, I’d be a lot better off than I am now)   But, as long as they’re happy, then I’m happy: This post is dedicated to cat-lovers everywhere . But I’d like to give a special mention to a cool cat called Mr Bowie, who like these two is a British Shorthair. Mr Bowie (with a little help from his slave, Herman) has a marvellous blog called “Hands on Bowie”.  It’s well worth a visit.  While you’re clicking, why not also go over to see how bloggers from around the world interpret this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge: A Good Match   Miaow!

A Cat and a Narrow Space

A Cat and a Narrow Space shows one of our cats, Misty, sticking her head through the narrow space between the railings on the staircase. It is my offering for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge: Narrow. Whenever any visitors come into the house she takes to the stairs and adopts this pose whilst deciding whether or not it’s safe to carry on as normal or hide until they’ve gone.

Up Close and Feline

I’m very keen on macro photography and I do a lot in monochrome…….however I couldn’t find all that many pictures which are both macro AND monochrome for Cee’s B&W Challenge : Close Up . But there’s always the cats. Working on the premise that there can never be too many cats on the internet, here are a few pictures of our two, Bluejohn and Misty.         I’ve previously posted a couple of other monochrome macros: click here for Aye Eye (an equine one for a change) and here for I’m A Cat (yet another feline close up).  

A Cat’s Dream

Two challenges for the price of one this week as I’m off to Valletta (Yippee!) and have packing to do. In response to  Cee’s Oddball Challenge: and in response to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge   “I’m dreaming about my past lives.  I think I may have been a glove puppet at some time”. – BlueJohn          

One Word Photo Challenge: Box

One Word Photo Challenge: Box When I think of all the money I’ve spent on cat beds, cushions, hammocks, baskets and all the rest over the years and which both cats  have scrupulously ignored, I realise that I should just have been buying shoes for myself instead.  

I’m a cat

In response to WordPress Photo Challenge: State of Mind. I’m a cat, therefore my state of mind is for me to know and for you to wonder about.

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