After all the heavy rain last night the grass was extra green this morning, the canal towpath was extra muddy, the dandelions were extra yellow and this small tortoiseshell butterfly seemed brand new. I love seeing them like this, backlit by the sun and with a light dusting of pollen. It’s just perfection.   

In Praise of…………….Speckled Woods

Went hunting for orange-tip butterflies again today but, for third day in a row, had no luck. There were lots of Speckled Woods though and when I voiced my disappointment, as in, “Oh, it’s JUST another Speckled Wood”, I realised that these little “plain, ordinary, brown” butterflies deserve far more appreciation from me than I Read more about In Praise of…………….Speckled Woods[…]

First Expedition of the Summer

Officially it was the last day of Spring, but the temperatures and sunshine made it the first day of my Summer. And this was a day of firsts………the first ever sighting for me of a Dingy Skipper Butterfly:   Also my first sighting of both a male and a female Broad-bodied chaser dragonflies whirling around Read more about First Expedition of the Summer[…]

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