The Door to No. 82, Skippool Creek

This week’s post for Thursday Doors is one I’ve already published in The Wrecks of Skippool Creek.  I was reminded of it when we passed the signpost to The Creek yesterday on the way to Fleetwood, which was once a prominent deep sea fishing port but since the decline of that industry is now re-establishing Read more about The Door to No. 82, Skippool Creek[…]

Boats of Skippool Creek

Boats, ships, craft, tubs, yachts, cruisers, dinghies, barges, canoes, rowers, kayaks, catamarans are all lying around here. Everything except an ark….. though it wouldn’t surprise me if I find one next time. There are big boats and little boats There are new boats which look as though they really can float and old boats that Read more about Boats of Skippool Creek[…]

Wrecks of Skippool Creek

In its heyday  in the 1600 and 1700’s, Skippool and its sister port of Wardleys (across the creek) handled more cargo than Liverpool. Russian boats brought flax and cotton for the mills, boats from Africa carried guano to be used for fertilizer, and rum, tobacco and sugar came in from the Carribean. In those days, Read more about Wrecks of Skippool Creek[…]

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