Throwback Thursdays : 2

A weekly series when I revisit old photographs. Caption Competition: I took this photograph a couple of years ago in Malta. It still makes me smile. I titled it, “Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd”. Does anyone have any ideas for an alternative caption?  If you do, please post your entries in the comment box below. Read more about Throwback Thursdays : 2[…]

What does a damselfly weigh?

WordPress Photo Challenge: Weight(less) Common Blue Damselflies: These little creatures are about the size of a needle you’d use to sew on a shirt button. I had no idea what they’d tip the scales at, so for this challenge I googled, “What does a damselfly weigh?”. Estimates varied between zero (!?) and 0.032 grams for Read more about What does a damselfly weigh?[…]


WordPress Photo Challenge: Circle Been so busy with WordPress Blogging University Course this week that I’m skidding in at the last minute with an image for this week’s Photo Challenge. One of this week’s assignments in the Blogging course was to add text, perhaps a haiku (if only!) or whatever to a photograph. Well, as Read more about circles[…]

Blogging 101: Throwback Thursdays: 1

I’ve joined in with the worldwide blogging community take part in a WordPress course called Blogging 101. The aim of this course is to encourage/enthuse/energize/educate participants and basically improve our blogging. So far I’m enthused, energized, encouraged and teetering on the brink of being educated. (As a colleague of mine used to say, “Miracles take Read more about Blogging 101: Throwback Thursdays: 1[…]

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