Sagrada Familia: Door Detail Barcelona

Barcelona has some Very Big Doors

Barcelona does indeed have some very big doors….. ……..but none so grand, in my opinion, as this one at Sagrada Familia Cathedral. And what about that handle (if that’s what it is) at the top left corner? Even when I pulled myself up to my full five feet five and three quarter inches, I still couldn’t quite reach it to let myself in.     Like every other square inch of this wonderful building, both inside and outside, the detail is stunning:   And this wasn’t even the main entrance! That was bigger. To see more doors from around the world, why not pop over to Norm’s Thursday Doors

Edging towards Blue Sky

My photograph “Edging towards Blue Sky”  was taken from upstairs on an open double-decker bus travelling around Barcelona and it’s my post for WordPress Challenge:Edge.

Bright Lights, Big City

Bright Lights, Big City by American bluesman Jimmy Reed is playing on Apple Music on my laptop just now. Classic 12-bar blues! It was music of a different genre which took us to the Quays Theatre at the Lowry Centre in Salford the other night. We were lucky enough to get tickets for Opera North’s production of die Valkürie which was sublime. The whole Salford Quays area is amazing and it was a visit there about 3 years ago that got us thinking we needed smaller (and lighter) cameras. You can’t really go to an opera or a play, looking like you’ve just come off a mountain with that huge backpack you need for DSLR plus lenses, filters, maybe a small tripod for night shots etc  etc. So after a great deal of research and consideration over a period of at least two days(!) we invested in Fuji x100s cameras. And have never regretted it. The outdoor pictures here were taken hand held at ISO 4000. This wee camera performs well at ISO 6400 but that wasn’t necessary on this occasion. The indoor pictures were taken with iPhone 6s.             The Shopping mall was deserted […]

City Skylines: Glasgow

Thank you Cee for prompting me to look out a few pictures of my home city of Glasgow for this week’s Fun Foto Challenge .          

Architecture : Haunted House : Samlesbury Hall

Samlesbury Hall is renowned as one of the most haunted locations in Britain. Resident spirits include the legendary White Lady, Dorothy Southworth who died of a broken heart and has since been seen on many occasions within the Hall and grounds. One particular spot in the Great Hall is the place where strange things regularly happen – a slap to the back of the head, uncomfortable feelings by wedding guests and a shadow passing have all been reported. – (see  the GHOST page of Samlesbury Hall’s website). We used to drive past Samlesbury Hall every summer en route to visit my grandmother.  As a young child I was intrigued by this beautiful black-and-white building and by the tales of ghosts and witches my mother would tell us. In fact on one occasion we were sure we saw a shadowy figure behind a window. (Remarkable eyesight we must have had as the place has small windows with thick glass, is set well back from the road and we were in a moving vehicle). Coincidentally my mother had seen a similar figure when she was a child travelling with her dad in his fruit&veg lorry. Now that I live in Lancashire, this […]

Dereliction and Dilapidation

I’ve always been drawn to photographing old doors, fences, gates, windows and all that sort of thing, so when I see a whole house in a state of utter dereliction and dilapidation I am over the moon. Or if not literally “over the moon” then definitely over the road, in the middle of the road dodging traffic, sprawled on the pavement or getting into various other risky and ungainly positions  to try to capture it from all angles. This property in the main square of the old town of Sliema (Malta) was in total contrast to the modern concrete, glass and steel structures of the hotels and restaurants on the seafront of the resort. It is also the only property in the square which hasn’t been converted into, or rebuilt as, shops. When I look at these pictures, a hundred and one questions come into my mind: How old is this house?  What is it like inside?  Why has it been abandoned?  Who last lived here?  Who first lived here?  What is it not for sale?  Will anyone rescue it?  Does anyone care?  Does it have an internal courtyard and, if so, what is that like?  Will someone come and board […]

Thursday Doors

In response to Thursday Doors Challenge: How wonderful it would have been to enter through this door every day as a student at the Charles Rennie Mackintosh designed Glasgow School of Art, but it’s not too bad going in as an occasional rubber-necking day-tripper.  (N.B.Work is ongoing to restore this beautiful building after a disastrous fire in 2014.)  

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