StreetLife 3: Pedal Power in Amsterdam

StreetLife in Amsterdam, City of Cyclists.


According to the most recent figures, the 850.000 residents (442.693 households) of Amsterdam together own 847.000 bicycles. That represents 1.91 bicyles per household. 78% of people 12 years and older owns at least one bike. Bonus fact: each year between 12,000 and 15,000 bikes are fished up from city’s canals.-

You’d gather from those figures that Amsterdam is full of cyclists and that takes a bit of getting used to.  It’s not so much the cars you need to look out for when crossing the road – it’s the (literally) hundreds of bicycles that come charging towards you when the traffic lights change. It’s truly remarkable sight and one to be appreciated once you’ve got safely to the other side of the street.

Amsterdammers cycle TWO MILLION kilometres every day.

But it’s not all busy, busy, busy, as these pictures show:

AMSTERDAM: pedal power family Vondelpark

AMSTERDAM:Family watching Balloon Man ©HelenBushe


AMSTERDAM: pedal power dog on bike bicycle

AMSTERDAM: Man’s Best Friend ©HelenBushe


AMSTERDAM: Pedalling in Vondelpark pedal power

AMSTERDAM: Pedal Power in Vondelpark ©HelenBushe


AMSTERDAM Pedal power monochrome

AMSTERDAM: Flower Power ©HelenBushe


There are more fun facts about cycling in Amsterdam on the website


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AMSTERDAM: Pedalling in Vondelpark pedal power

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