Springtime Came Yesterday and Left Again Today

Yesterday was Springtime.

I know this because a butterfly told me.

It was the first butterfly we’ve seen in the garden this year.

The battered condition of this Small Tortoiseshell is a testament to its having survived the winter.

I suspect that today it has gone back into whatever warm place it likes to call home.

Small Tortoiseshell butterfly garden 2017 Lancashire

First Butterfly of 2017 ©HelenBushe



We went into Preston for lunch and, as it was such a nice day, we parked down by the river and walked up through Miller and Avenham Parks into town.

Avenham and Miller Park Preston

Spot the Poppy ©HelenBushe


Japanese Gardens Preston Avenham Miller park springtime spring

Japanese Gardens ©HelenBushe


Springtime spring Avenham Miller park Preston

Pink Blossom ©HelenBushe


Warm enough to sit in the sun:

 But not warm enough for me to discard winter woollens just yet.

(Current weather here right now is: wind, heavy rain, chilly, i.e. WINTER)

I know that a lot of us bloggers in the northern hemisphere are awaiting springtime.

The one who instantly comes to mind is Liz at  Dot Knows!   Why not pay her a visit at Elleturner4.wordpress.com

Her blog promises:

Fab photos, witty asides and light hearted humour….

If you enjoy wildlife, blue skies and general joie de vivre, you won’t be disappointed.


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