Smile on Saturday: Our Village in December.

Smile on Saturday: Village Life

We have only one shop in our village.

Last Saturday afternoon lots of us locals gathered here to sing Christmas carols. The vicar blessed the crib, the Christmas tree lights were switched on, after which we sang a few more carols.

We were accompanied by a small local brass band and the choirmaster playing on an electric organ, which he couldn’t plug in at the same time as the tree lights were on!

The shopkeepers laid on mulled wine and mince pies, adding to the merriness of it all.

And to think, when I lived in the city I used to be a bit “Bah Humbug!” about Christmas!  Not any more!!!

VILLAGE LIFE: The Post Office, Christmas, Lancashire , crib

VILLAGE LIFE: The Post Office ©HelenBushe


The sign says:

“All crib offerings will be donated to Blackpool Victoria Hospital’s Special Baby Care Unit”.

VILLAGE LIFE: The Crib , nativity, Christmas

VILLAGE LIFE: The Crib ©HelenBushe


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VILLAGE LIFE: The Church, St John the Evangelist, Lancashire, village

VILLAGE LIFE: The Church ©HelenBushe

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