Roll up! Roll up! All the Fun of the Fair!

Blackpool, one of the seaside resorts on our Fylde coast, has not one, not two, but THREE piers. A walk along any of them in summer or winter is always a delight.

In winter they are deserted with all the sideshows shuttered up, whilst in the holiday season they are ablaze with colour and general razzmatazz.

This picture is of the prizes to be won at one of the many amusements on North Pier available to the holidaymakers and is my OddBall offering for Cee’s Challenge this week.  These prizes are quite large, by the way, with many of them bigger than a five-year old child.

It is lovely to see families walking along the pier carrying one of these prizes, as proud as if it was an Olympic medal.

What they do with them once they get home is up for debate. Maybe donate as a prize in a local raffle?  Then, perhaps the winner of that will donate again to a Christmas fair…and so on. Or perhaps the winners give them pride of place beside their TVs. Never having attempted to win one, I wouldn’t know.


You too can Win a Prize

You too can Win a Prize ©HelenBushe


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