Regular Random: Five Minutes with a Fan

Orange Fan Blue Sky random

No fandango for me today!

What can you do in 5 minutes with a fan? Apart from dance the fandango?

(The fandango is

a lively Spanish dance in triple time)

Well, if you’re not up to this,  you can photograph it in as many different ways as you can in five minutes .

An interesting and fun challenge I came across this morning.

Welcome again to #RegularRandom, where we choose and object or scene and spend just five minutes shooting it, trying to see it from multiple angles, learning about how light interacts with the subject.

It’s fun, although can be tricky to come up with new things to shoot. We’d love you to join in – just tag your post with regular random and link back to this post so we can find you. –  Delseyjane’s blog:  musingsofafrequentlyflyingscientist

When I saw this challenge on Delseyjane’s blog this morning, the idea instantly appealed to me. She had posted some amazing shots of a silver pear under #RegularRandom.

I thought about the challenge over lunch and decided to photograph a Nespresso coffee pod.  But when I went upstairs to fetch camera and macro lens, this fan caught my eye. It was fully open at the back of a deep shelf hiding a pile of maps.

So my planning went out of the window and I got to work with my newly chosen object.

I also set the timer on my phone to 5 minutes and pressed START…..

Fan on Kitchen Floor random 5-minutes

Fan on Kitchen Floor ©HelenBushe


Fan: Close up macro random

Fan: Close up on Kitchen Chair ©HelenBushe


Fan: End on and Closed random

Fan: End on and Closed, Held against Kitchen Wall ©HelenBushe


Fan: Dance random

Fan-Dance on Kitchen Table©HelenBushe

The above images took three and a half minutes…..

…….leaving me time to run outside and ask Sheila, who was sitting in a sunny corner enjoying a coffee, to hold the fan up to the blue sky.

(I couldn’t do this myself as I was using a 100mm macro lens and my arms aren’t 3 metres long).

Orange Fan Blue Sky random

Orange Fan Blue Sky ©HelenBushe

Phew!!! All done within FIVE MINUTES.

Even though then processing and posting took a wee bit longer, I still have plenty of time to do the fandango.

The sun is still shining and nobody will see me if I stay at the back of the garden.

Many thanks again to Delseyjane for this fun challenge


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