A Piazza in Mdina, Malta’s Silent City

For this week’s CB&W Challenge I’m back in the medieval walled city of Mdina.

Whilst its history can be traced back 4,000 years, most of what you see today dates from the 16th century

There is a surprise around every corner: sometimes a Cathedral,  a Carmelite Priory,  a Grand Palazzo, an ice-cream parlour.

This time it was a small square with a beautiful house in the corner, a well in the middle, a tree and some washing drying on a roof.

Let’s have a wander around the Piazza while there’s nobody else around.

A Piazza in Mdina Silent City in Malta monochrome Black&white challenge

A Piazza in Mdina ©HelenBushe


A Corner of the Piazza in Mdina Malta Silent City monochrome Black&white Challenge

A Corner of the Piazza ©Helenbushe


A Tree in the Piazza Mdina Malta Silent City Monochrome Black&White Challenge

A Tree in the Piazza ©HelenBushe

Let’s retrace our steps now back to the ice-cream parlour. I’m going to have a tub with one scoop of mango and one scoop of ginger and a chocolate flake – a combination I can highly recommend. They have every flavour you can think of. What would you choose?

CB&W Photo Challenge: Buildings

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