Springtime Came Yesterday and Left Again Today

Yesterday was Springtime.

I know this because a butterfly told me.

It was the first butterfly we’ve seen in the garden this year. 

The battered condition of this Small Tortoiseshell is a testament to its having survived the winter. 

I suspect that today it has gone back into whatever warm place it likes to call home.

Small Tortoiseshell butterfly garden 2017 Lancashire
First Butterfly of 2017 ©HelenBushe



 We went into Preston for lunch and, as it was such a nice day, we parked down by the river and walked up through Miller and Avenham Parks into town.

Avenham and Miller Park Preston
Spot the Poppy ©HelenBushe


Japanese Gardens Preston Avenham Miller park springtime spring
Japanese Gardens ©HelenBushe


Springtime spring Avenham Miller park Preston
Pink Blossom ©HelenBushe


Warm enough to sit in the sun:

 But not warm enough for me to discard winter woollens just yet.

(Current weather here right now is: wind, heavy rain, chilly, i.e. WINTER)

I know that a lot of us bloggers in the northern hemisphere are awaiting springtime. 

The one who instantly comes to mind is Liz at  Dot Knows!   Why not pay her a visit at Elleturner4.wordpress.com

Her blog promises:

Fab photos, witty asides and light hearted humour….

 If you enjoy wildlife, blue skies and general joie de vivre, you won’t be disappointed.


Sagrada Familia: Door Detail Barcelona

Barcelona has some Very Big Doors

Barcelona does indeed have some very big doors…..

……..but none so grand, in my opinion, as this one at Sagrada Familia Cathedral.

And what about that handle (if that’s what it is) at the top left corner?

Even when I pulled myself up to my full five feet five and three quarter inches, I still couldn’t quite reach it to let myself in.


mini-me door Barcelona Sagrada familia
Maxi Door, Mini Me ©HelenBushe


Like every other square inch of this wonderful building, both inside and outside, the detail is stunning:

Sagrada Familia: Door Detail Barcelona
Sagrada Familia: Door Detail ©HelenBushe


And this wasn’t even the main entrance! That was bigger.

To see more doors from around the world, why not pop over to Norm’s Thursday Doors

Regular Random: Five Minutes with a Fan

Orange Fan Blue Sky random

No fandango for me today!

What can you do in 5 minutes with a fan? Apart from dance the fandango? 

(The fandango is 

a lively Spanish dance in triple time)

Well, if you’re not up to this,  you can photograph it in as many different ways as you can in five minutes .

An interesting and fun challenge I came across this morning.

Welcome again to #RegularRandom, where we choose and object or scene and spend just five minutes shooting it, trying to see it from multiple angles, learning about how light interacts with the subject.

It’s fun, although can be tricky to come up with new things to shoot. We’d love you to join in – just tag your post with regular random and link back to this post so we can find you. –  Delseyjane’s blog:  musingsofafrequentlyflyingscientist

When I saw this challenge on Delseyjane’s blog this morning, the idea instantly appealed to me. She had posted some amazing shots of a silver pear under #RegularRandom.

I thought about the challenge over lunch and decided to photograph a Nespresso coffee pod.  But when I went upstairs to fetch camera and macro lens, this fan caught my eye. It was fully open at the back of a deep shelf hiding a pile of maps.

So my planning went out of the window and I got to work with my newly chosen object.

I also set the timer on my phone to 5 minutes and pressed START…..

Fan on Kitchen Floor random 5-minutes
Fan on Kitchen Floor ©HelenBushe


Fan: Close up macro random
Fan: Close up on Kitchen Chair ©HelenBushe


Fan: End on and Closed random
Fan: End on and Closed, Held against Kitchen Wall ©HelenBushe


Fan: Dance random
Fan-Dance on Kitchen Table©HelenBushe

The above images took three and a half minutes…..

…….leaving me time to run outside and ask Sheila, who was sitting in a sunny corner enjoying a coffee, to hold the fan up to the blue sky.

(I couldn’t do this myself as I was using a 100mm macro lens and my arms aren’t 3 metres long).

Orange Fan Blue Sky random
Orange Fan Blue Sky ©HelenBushe

Phew!!! All done within FIVE MINUTES.

Even though then processing and posting took a wee bit longer, I still have plenty of time to do the fandango.

The sun is still shining and nobody will see me if I stay at the back of the garden. 

Many thanks again to Delseyjane for this fun challenge 



Eddie's Dog man's best friend , garden centre

One Man and his Dog: this week’s OddBall Surprise.

Man’s Best Friend (Eddie and his Dog)

Spotted this gorgeous dog on the way into a local garden centre last week.

Eddie's Dog man's best friend , garden centre
Eddie’s Dog ©HelenBushe


What an unexpected and surprising photographic opportunity. Thank goodness for camera phones. 


One Man and his Dog Eddie Garden centre man's best friend
One Man and his Dog ©HelenBushe


Click on the icon below to see more OddBall pictures from bloggers around the world:

Tree Framing Church monochrome Black&white gravestones churchyard

C is for Churchyard and Church Spire

C is for Churchyards and Church Spires

I went out this morning looking for a witch’s grave.

 Meg Shelton, known as the “Fylde Hag” or the “Fylde Witch” was  buried in 1705 in the churchyard at St Anne’s Church in the nearby village of Woodplumpton. 

And I found it!

I found the boulder they put over her grave to stop her escaping (for a third time). But that’s for a future post.   I’ll need to do some research to try to find out how she managed to be buried in consecrated ground; so far I’ve not discovered much. 

I did get some photos of the churchyard though.


I saw this notice just as I was about to lean on a headstone and took heed of the solemn warning:

Warning Notice churchyard gravestones
Take Heed ©HelenBushe


There’s a Right of Way for walkers through the graveyard and into the fields behind the church. You might just spot the  Public Footpath sign:

Angel churchyard gravestone
Angel ©HelenBushe


Many of the graves in the old part of the churchyard date from the 1800’s:

Gravestones churchyard
Gravestones at St Anne’s Church ©HelenBushe


This morning’s church, St Anne’s in Woodplumpton doesn’t have much of  a spire (though it does have a cupola topped with a weather-vane); but St Michael’s in our nearest town, Kirkham, has  a rather magnificent one:

St Michael's Church Kirkham churchyard spire gravestones
St Michael’s Church, Kirkham ©HelenBushe


I don’t think St Michael’s has any witches though.

This week Cee’s Black & White Challenge was the letters “C” and “D”.   

My post for the letter “D” will have to wait until another day (unless D for Dead counts! there’s enough graves here for it to qualify.)


Where do Victorian Chimney-Pots go when they Retire?

Question: Where do Chimney-Pots go when they Retire? 

Answer: They go to a rehoming centre aka a salvage yard.


Anyone who loves rummaging around through mountains of Victoriana would think they’d died and gone to heaven in this salvage yard we visited recently.

We were looking for an old, but perfectly formed, chimney pot to use as a planter in the garden.

Talk about being spoiled for choice!!!!!

More Treasures Victorian Salvage yard
Waiting to be Re-Homed ©HelenBushe


Knife-sharpener anyone? Mangle? I can just about imagine these things being used (though they do pre-date me by a quite a few decades).

A Mangle & a Knife-Sharpener Victorian salvage yard
A Knife-Sharpener and a Mangle ©HelenBushe


This is a small corner of the yard . The whole place must have been the size of a football pitch:

Roofing Materials and an Old Bath Victorian Salvage yard
Roofing Materials and an Old Bath ©HelenBushe


Another corner:

Slates salvage yard Victorian roof
Crates of Slates ©HelenBushe


I think this area might be the Bargain Basement:

Assorted Clutter salvage yard Victorian
Assorted Victoriana ©HelenBushe


After great deliberation we selected this chimney-pot. 

Chimney-Pot salvage yard Victorian
Our Chimney-Pot ©HelenBushe


It’s now in our garden and planted with pansies. It looks very nice indeed.



A is for Archimedes Screw and B is for Boat

A is for Archimedes Screw and B is for Boat

I’ve waited a long time for an opportunity to post this picture of a detail of a model of an Archimedes Screw.

It was part of a display of working models to show ways of moving water uphill.

These Ancient Greeks were clever! Eureka!

Archimedes Screw
A is for Archimedes Screw ©HelenBushe


I came across this old boat on a walk a couple of years ago. I must go back to see if (a) it is in an even worse state , (b) it has been “tidied up”or (c) the rope has worn away and it has drifted out to sea.

boat wreck monochrome
B is for Boat ©HelenBushe


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Letters A and B

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