OddBall: Miss Peregrine’s Library of Souls

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The Royal Exchange is a historic listed building which in its heyday was the largest trading hall in England.

Inside the traditional Great Hall, an ultra-modern glass and steel Theatre in the Round has been constructed. Some of the best theatre productions I’ve ever seen have been here.

Even when they are between productions, Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre never disappoints.

We nipped in to the Theatre whilst in Manchester last week, as they have a little craft  shop which sells unusual earrings (I bought two pairs).

I found this pop-up children’s library. What you see in the background is some of the audio-visual equipment taken out of the theatre during the “summer clean-up”:


ROYAL EXCHANGE THEATREMiss Peregrine's Library Seat

MANCHESTER:Miss Peregrine’s Library Seat ©HelenBushe


ROYAL EXCHANGE THEATRE: Pop-up Library Manchester

ROYAL EXCHANGE THEATRE: Pop-up Library ©HelenBushe

How would you like to stretch out on one of these wonderfully decorated benches with a good book, occasionally glancing up at the equally impressive ceiling:

MANCHESTER: Royal Exchange Theatre snapped iphoneography ceiling roof

MANCHESTER: Royal Exchange Theatre’s Dome ©HelenBushe


These pictures were all taken on my iPhone 6sPlus  and edited on the phone using the Snapseed App.

You can find more iPhoneography on my Instagram account: MiPhoneography


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