Night Lights in Barcelona and a Mannekin in Preston

Night Lights in Barcelona and a  Mannekin in Preston..

…….another combination of words all strung together in one phrase which, I expect, is a first in the English language. (If it isn’t in fact a first, then please tell me where to find the original. I’d be intrigued to read it!)

To put it another way, Barcelona isn’t Preston and our local city of Preston (for all its charms), sure ain’t Barca!

But for the purposes of the Monochrome Alphabet these disparate cities appear together to represent the letters M and N.


Girl and Mannekin in Preston:

Girl &Mannekin high key portrait Monochrome

Girl &Mannekin ©Helenbushe

Night Lights in Barca:

Night Lights, Big City, barcelona, monochrome,

Night Lights, Big City ©HelenBushe


Night Lights In Barca monochrome Barcelona

Night Lights In Barca ©HelenBushe


Thanks, Cee, for organising this !


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