MONDAY is MACRO DAY: Week 10: Depth of Field

 MONDAY is MACRO DAY: Grand Finale

When I started the series my aims were:

  • To run a series for ten weeks
  • To post macros each week taken in the previous seven days

Whilst I have achieved my first aim, I have fallen at the last hurdle with my second aim by not having any macros taken in the last week.

We’ve just come back from a week in Barcelona where taking close-up shots of colourful insects was not top of my priorities list.

For the final post in the series I’m using an image taken earlier in the butterfly-hunting season.


Shallow Depth of Field

Most of the macro shots I really admire from other photographers are taken with shallow depth of field which shows the subject off to best advantage.

It’s a technique I don’t use very often as I’m always scared of losing the shot by trying to minimise the background.

Even with this shot of a small skipper butterfly I kept the aperture to f4 as f2.8 seemed too much of a risk.

Small Skipper Butterfly © HelenBushe macro monday Myers Allotment

Small Skipper Butterfly © HelenBushe

Next year I’m going to be bolder and try to get more shots like this.


On Gossamer Wings

Dappled Sunlight

A Cat and a Squirrel

Smiling Dragonflies

Painted Ladies

I’m planning a new 10-week series. I have a couple of ideas (MONOCHROME MONDAY? MONDAY MADNESS? MINIMALIST MONDAY?), but not decided yet. So…..

…….Watch this space……


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