MONDAY is MACRO DAY: WEEK 7: Dappled Sunlight

Dappled Sunlight in a Magical Wood.

Mere Sands Wood Nature Reserve is  a small wood of about 100 acres in West Lancashire.

The reserve comprises lakes, mature broadleaved and conifer woodland, sandy, wet meadows and heaths.

It’s  described on Lancashire Wildlife Trust’s  website as

A wildlife-rich haven in the heart of agricultural west Lancashire.

It is also one of the most magical places I’ve ever been. It reminds me of the illustrations in the books of my childhood, showing elves living in toadstool houses, woodland creatures sharing midnight picnics with fairies and baby unicorns……

………….the stuff of which a child’s dreams are made – or used to be in the (g)olden days of my childhood!

We wandered around the reserve this week with our macro lenses looking for butterflies in the wild flower meadow. I did photograph a gorgeous Common Blue butterfly which I’ll post later (maybe along with a picture of a baby unicorn if I can find that frame!)

This week I want to share these woodland pictures for  MONDAY is MACRO DAY: WEEK 7

Narrow beams of sunlight filtering through the dense foliage of the tall trees highlighted these wee gems:


MERE SANDS WOOD: Dappled Light on Fungus macro Monday nature

MERE SANDS WOOD: Dappled Sunlight on Fungus ©HelenBushe


Dappled Sunlight on Berries Mere Sands Wood macro monday

MERE SANDS WOOD:Dappled Sunlight on Berries ©HelenBushe

Like I said, it’s a magical place.

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