A Stroll around Mdina in Monochrome

Which way around Mdina?

Let’s take the monochrome route!

This week I’m opting for Black & White images for Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge.

I’m also still working on images from 16th century Mdina, Malta’s Silent City.

The narrow streets and bright, albeit intermittent, midday sunshine were a challenging combination when trying to get shots that “worked”.  This was made trickier as it was too bright to see anything on the LCD back-screen and using the viewfinder when wearing sunglasses doesn’t give the clearest view.

Oh, the obstacles we photographers have to strive to overcome!  Ha!  Shooting in RAW format lets me get away with all sorts of mistakes and allows me to rescue lots of images that would otherwise be binned.

All these images were taken with my trusty Fuji x100s with its fixed 23mm lens. Any other camera is too heavy to carry around on holiday and there’s always the iPhone for slightly wider-angle shots.

I’ve processed these in Photoshop using the Nik Plugin Silver Efex Pro2.  I’ve tended to go for a high key effect on these particular images to remind me of that wonderful Mediterranean sunshine.


Street Corner in St Publius Square Mdina Malta monochrome Black&White challenge

Street Corner in St Publius Square ©HelenBushe


Lantern in St Publius Square Mdina Malta Silent City monochrome

Lantern in St Publius Square ©HelenBushe


Mesquita Street Mdina Malta Silent City monochrome Black&white challenge

Mesquita Street ©HelenBushe


Shutters and a Streetlamp Mdina malta monochrome

Shutters and a Streetlamp ©HelenBushe


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10 thoughts on “A Stroll around Mdina in Monochrome

  • Good Afternoon Helen, I loved reading your post today, I am liking the monochrome or black white here, as they are not so gloomy like a lot of black and whites I see around. Some remind me of a minimalistic version of charcoal on paper really. I have to say whether Mdina is in black & white or color, it looks like one super clean town/city.!

    • Hi Mitch. Thank you so much. Mdina has only 296 inhabitants! It used to have many thousands. It is a small 16th Century walled/fortified city. It is of great historical importance and well cared for and cherished by locals and the many tourists who go there. There can’t be very many places like it left in the world.

      • I have heard of Mdina, but must plead ignorance, thanks you your photography of it and writing, I will go to Youtube and also Google it and find out more about it. You are so right there cannot be many places like this left in the world today. I would imagine with 296 inhabitants left in a city that used to hold thousands, it would feel either empty some times of the year to them or like they live in a little Kingdom all their own. 🙂

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