Macro Moments: Week 3: Time and Place

Time and Place

For this week’s Macro Moments Challenge I’ve chosen a picture which was NOT taken with the macro lens I’d usually use for close up shots.

I was trying out the macro setting on a new Fuji x100s  camera I got a couple of years back.  This little camera is ideal for working indoors in natural light as it gives good results at an ISO of up to 6400. Not that I ever work indoors as I like to be outside as much as possible. Actually, I never actually work anywhere, I play.

I know that “proper” indoor photographers would set up lights or use two or three synced flash guns, but that ‘s not really my thing! (I hope the tutor from my night-class in studio photography doesn’t read this, though if he did I don’t think he’d be at all surprised.)

So, setting up this picture took as long as it takes to go upstairs to get an old atlas and a pocket watch, come downstairs, put them on the dining table, set camera to macro and click, click, click.  I hope you like it.


Time and Place pocket watch atlas

Time and Place ©HelenBushe

Exif data

Camera:  Fuji x100s



ISO 800

1 sec

no flash

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