Lisbon: The MAGIC BUS Record Shop.

 Step inside the MAGIC BUS!

Well, I might have stepped inside to see what was on offer in Lisbon’s Magic Bus independent record shop but it was closed for the day.

I did get a picture of its magical door though and a view of the street it’s in.


Entrance to Magic Bus Record Shop Lisbon dusk

LISBON: Doorway to Magic Bus ©HelenBushe


The shop is situated in Calçada do Duque, one of the many steep winding streets in Lisbon’s Bairro Alta district.

You can see it halfway up the street on the lefthand side:


Calcada do Duque Lisbon dusk, Bairro Alta, Magic bus, street

LISBON: Calçada do Duque ©HelenBushe


There’s a picture of it during opening hours on this website: Lisbon Record Shops: MAGIC BUS


Thanks to Norm for his Thursday Doors Challenge.

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